Jack of all trades: New Cisco UCS S-Series and Red Hat Storage

Today, Cisco announced its new UCS S-Series storage-optimized server with the introduction of the UCS S3260, marking its entry into the emerging server market for data intensive workloads. Red Hat and Cisco have worked together for a long time, including our collaboration on Red Hat OpenStack Platform. Out with the old… By jumping into the […]

Cisco and Red Hat collaborate on petabyte scale storage for OpenStack and Big Data

Enterprises are dealing with workloads that demand anywhere from a few terabytes to multiple petabytes of unstructured data. Storage-intensive enterprise workloads are ubiquitous in the data center and range across workloads such as: Archiving and backup, including backup images and online archives Rich media content storage and delivery, such as videos, images, and audio files […]

Performance at Scale for OpenStack Manila with GlusterFS on Cisco UCS Servers

OpenStack Manila file storage users have a reason to celebrate. Red Hat is proud to announce a new performance benchmark that not only reinforces the performance of GlusterFS at scale but also demonstrates how enterprises could significantly lower enterprise storage and energy costs. The benchmark tests represent the industry’s first results of GlusterFS on ultra-dense […]

The milestone of Red Hat Ceph Storage 2

By Daniel Gilfix, Red Hat Storage This week’s announcement of Red Hat Ceph Storage 2 marks the most significant release of the cloud-native, software-defined storage product since the acquisition of Inktank by Red Hat in 2014. It represents an important milestone, not only in terms of the company’s steadfast commitment to storage but also from […]

Ten reasons to choose Red Hat Gluster Storage over EMC Isilon

As we head toward a software-defined, container-centric, micro-services driven IT culture, it is becoming quite apparent to CIOs that their storage is stuck in the stone age. In some ways storage was the last bastion of mode 1 technologies, as things around it in the data center have gone the way of distributed, scale-out, and […]

5 reasons you should join us remotely for Red Hat Summit news

It’s 2015, and this year Red Hat Summit is in Boston, a city as known for its crucial role in United States history, its formerly cursed baseball team, and, of course, a wonderful cream-filled, chocolate-covered doughnut–among many, many other things. If you’re attending the conference with us, great–we can’t wait to see you there! But […]

OpenStack Summit Vancouver 2015: The After-Action Report

Hope everyone is having a great time in Vancouver! RT @tbyeaton: The Red Hat food truck at the OpenStack Summit. pic.twitter.com/WqiCINmIny — Jim Whitehurst (@JWhitehurst) May 22, 2015 You may have read some of our recent posts about the recent OpenStack Summit in Vancouver. What you may not have seen are the thoughts from the […]

Storage Tutorial: App Engineers, Systems Administrators, and System Engineers, lend us your ears…

… and body and mind at Ceph Day, a one-day event where you will learn everything you wanted to know about Ceph but were afraid to ask, so check out the video to hear Brian Chang, Patrick McGarry, and Danielle Womboldt, Red Hat Storage, chat about Ceph Day, or read on for a quick rundown […]