Storage Hangout – Red Hat Storage and Hortonworks collaborating in open source

Tune into today’s Storage Hangout, where Brian and Heather of Red Hat catch up with John Kreisa, VP of Strategic Marketing at Hortonworks. John shares insights around the great collaboration between Hortonworks and Red Hat Storage, the open source upstream technology approach, and Hortonworks’ participation in the upcoming Red Hat virtual event, “Advancing Software-Defined Storage” on October 2 @ 11:00am ET.

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Red Hat Virtual Event Agenda Just Announced…

RHS_Virtual_event_Facebook 1200x627_INC0184200_0914MMThe complete agenda for Advancing software-defined storage | A Red Hat virtual event is now available. We’re excited to share more details about the Red Hat experts, partners, and customers you’ll hear from in the October 2 event, starting at 11 a.m. ET.

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What Time Is It? Red Hat Virtual Event Time (ENTER TO WIN A SAMSUNG SMARTGEAR WATCH)

fbWhat’s more exciting than tuning in to the Red Hat “Advancing Software-Defined Storage” virtual event? Well, how about winning a cool smart watch just for signing up and attending?

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Ric Wheeler to Keynote this year’s SNIA Storage Developer Conference

photo 2

The Storage Developer Conference (SDC) takes place this week, 9/15 – 9/18, in lovely Santa Clara, CA, and Red Hat Storage is getting geared up in a big way. The SDC is hosted by the Storage Network Industry Association (SNIA) and is a gathering of developers working on storage-related technologies. Everyone from storage software and hardware developers, product and solution architects, to storage software engineers will be in attendance.  A full conference agenda of this week’s keynotes, birds-of-a-feather and breakout sessions can be found here.

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Red Hat’s Brent Compton Joins Gartner Panel to Tackle Problem of Unstructured Data Growth


At last week’s Gartner Catalyst Conference in San Diego, CA, technology experts and analysts gathered to predict future IT trends. Top of mind were topics centered around how mobility, cloud computing and big data are connecting people, data machines and devices in unprecedented numbers like never before. Experts discussed topics ranging from how technology is transforming business tools to the very medium in which business is being conducted and capitalized.

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A slam dunk: Check out the Red Hat Storage App for Splunk Enterprise

There are some things in the world that go together beautifully. Peas and carrots. Cheddar cheese and apple pie. Red Hat Storage (RHS) and Splunk Enterprise.

We’re pleased to announce the availability of the Red Hat Storage App for Splunk Enterprise, which you can find at the Splunk Apps site. It has been created by the Operational Intelligence Team at Function1 and the Red Hat Storage Server (RHSS) team.

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Red Hat Storage gets a Facelift on


If you haven’t yet noticed by now, Red Hat just relaunched our website. And in particular, we’re super excited about the launch of the new Red Hat Storage web pages. The new Red Hat Storage product pages provides a single reference source to get the latest on storage including: Red Hat Storage Server, Inktank by Red Hat, Gluster, Ceph and Big Data solutions. We hope you will find the site to be much more informative, insightful and easier to navigate. And, since we’re the leader of open source technology, we believe in putting our money where our mouth is…the site will be powered by open source technologies such as Red Hat Enterprise Linux, Red Hat Satellite, Drupal and OpenShift, across many aspects of the site.

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Machine Data Analytics Could Save Your Life

Cerritos Wildfire Covers More Than 5,000 Acres

Wildfires aren’t new to California’s fire crews. But this year is different. Flames in Yosemite are threatening treasured sequoias that are some of the largest and oldest living things on earth, some living past 3,000 years. University researchers with support from the National Science Foundation are analyzing satellite and sensor data to be able to predict and track such wildfires to save human, animal and plant lives.

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Can Big Data Make You a Better Cyclist?

by Will Benton, Red Hat Senior Software Engineer

Last year’s Tour de France winner, Chris Froome, is a freak of nature. His endurance, performance and recovery are unmatched. However, given recent events in the sport, his consistent success over the past couple years was questioned by some. To keep the skeptics at bay, Froome’s team did something unprecedented – they released two years of Froome’s bio and performance data. The analysis not only exonerated Froome of any doping allegations, but also established that “exceptional aerobic potential” and “excellent recovery”, among other things, were factors behind his success.

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Inktank Ceph Enterprise 1.2: A chat with Colleen Corrice

Please note: Inktank Ceph has a new name: Red Hat Ceph Storage. Learn more about it, and Red Hat Gluster Storage, here:

We’re here today with Colleen Corrice, marketing communications director at Inktank, to talk about the much anticipated, recently released Inktank Ceph Enterprise 1.2.

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Red Hat Storage Server + Splunk Enterprise

For any business, understanding and increasing operational efficiency is a major concern for management. In recent years, as connectivity and computing power have grown, the amount of machine-generated data companies must contend with has ballooned as well. Businesses are turning to robust software solutions to analyze this data, determine patterns, and make important decisions; these solutions require a storage platform that can handle enormous amounts of throughput and provide easy- to-scale capacity while remaining affordable.

We configured two IBM System x3650 M4 BD servers with Red Hat Storage Server 2.1, operating as a storage back end to a Splunk Enterprise infrastructure. We then ran SplunkIt 2.0 indexing and search workloads, which target Splunk hot/warm data buckets requiring fast I/O capabilities.

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You Won’t Believe Where You’d Find Big Data at the Soccer World Cup

The vast range of possibilities and outcomes in sport makes it fertile ground for number crunchers. Analysts use sophisticated algorithms to factor in everything from temperature and humidity to the materials used in the manufacturing of tournament equipment in order to predict results.

Many of these factors are prone to volatility over the course of a sporting event, making real time analysis even more challenging. A case in point is the Goldman Sachs model built on regression analysis of all team results leading up to the tournament that had to be updated mid-tournament. They predict a 2-1 victory for Brazil over the Dutch in the finals (which of course we now know is impossible after Brazil’s stunning defeat against Germany in the semi-finals).

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