Partners HealthCare Systems centralizes storage and lowers cost with Gluster

Boston-based Partners is a non-profit health care system and teaching affiliate of Harvard Medical School. Brent Richter, Partners’ corporate manager for enterprise research infrastructure and services, needed a central storage repository for data generated by about 40 research teams across several hospitals in the Partners system. The data would have to be secure and kept separately. Using Gluster and Sun Microsystems X4500 servers (Thumper), Partners build a centralized storage pool that has scaled to over 300TB. Read the full article at SearchStorage: Healthcare system rolls it’s own data storage ‘cloud’ for researchers.

Project Fondue Builds a Redundant Static Asset Cluster Using Gluster

Project Fondue is a team of experienced web developers who are passionate about making the web a better place for all.  Check out their latest blog post and take a look at what software they used to build and set-up a redundant static cluster and how Gluster was used to cleanly share assets between servers.

Q&A with Enterprise Systems Journal on Storage Challenges

More data means more storage — and more headaches. Jack discusses enterprise storage challenges with James Powell of Enterprise Systems Journal. We look at today’s storage challenges, the impact of open source storage solutions and server virtualization, and the storage trends to watch this year. Click here for the article: Enterprise Systems Journal