Hello World!

Welcome!  We’re very excited to launch our company blog.  Frankly, it’s about time!

Gluster was established back in 2005 as Z Research then re-branded to Gluster in 2009.  The company was founded with a goal of simplifying clustered computing on a foundation of open source software and commodity hardware and bringing it to the enterprise.

Today we are continuing to build out this model and are exclusively focused on simplifying the task of storing and managing the explosion of unstructured data while transforming the economics of storage.   Gluster is an open source clustered file system that runs on commodity off-the-shelf hardware, delivering multiple times the scalability and performance of conventional storage at a fraction of the cost.

Here in this blog you’ll find discussions about new storage trends, advice and best practices, how-to’s and more.  We hope you find this information useful and we welcome your feedback and comments.

Stay tuned for our next post.  We’ll have big news on the future of Gluster.

Until next time,


  1. Nice to see Gluster starting a blog. Looking forwarding to hearing about all things storage here – the storage industry needs reinventing and I love your approach to it.

    Are you guys in the process of being acquired (big news?). Will Gluster remain open source if so? I hope so!

    Rock on.

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