Nirvanix Gains Increased Market Traction With Triad Of Cloud Solutions

I blogged about Nirvanix here on Network Computing back in November, and opined that the time to execute with cloud offerings is now. I have been following Nirvanix closely since then, and speaking candidly with its customers. It is clear that the company is executing well, providing substantial value to its existing customers, gaining new customers and fine-tuning offerings in order to take the competition head on. Nirvanix has its sights set on the high end of the competitive spectrum. The company is making gains in market traction and turning prospects away from stalwarts like EMC and IBM.

Gluster Selected as 2010 Products of the Year Award Finalist by Storage Magazine /

Scale-out NAS innovator is a finalist in storage management tools category

MILPITAS, Calif. – January 13, 2011 – Gluster, the leading provider of open source scale-out storage solutions, has been named a finalist in the Storage magazine and 2010 Products of the Year competition. GlusterFS 3.1 is a finalist in the storage management tools category. Out of nearly 200 entries, the judges of the competition have selected 43 products in five data storage product categories as finalists. Products are evaluated based on innovation, value and capabilities.

Gluster’s open source, scale-out NAS storage uses a global namespace to aggregate disk and memory, enabling enterprises to scale from a few terabytes to multiple petabytes in a single volume. Elastic volume management capabilities allow data to dynamically grow, shrink or migrate across physical machines in a cluster without downtime or application interruptions. The recently introduced Gluster Console Manager enables large scale automation through a command line interface that also acts as a scripting shell and API. These capabilities ensure Gluster effectively addresses the dynamic storage requirements of modern cloud and data center environments. Additionally Gluster is fully POSIX-compliant and installs on industry standard hardware, providing highly scalable, easy to use storage with the superior economics of commodity hardware plus open source software.

“We are honored to be named as a finalist in’s Products of the Year awards,” said [intlink id=”59″ type=”page”]Jack O’Brien[/intlink], vice president of marketing at Gluster. “This recognition from a respected industry authority demonstrates Gluster’s comprehensive approach to providing storage that addresses the demands of today’s data centers that are increasingly virtualized and deployed in the cloud.”

For the complete list of finalists and more information about the awards, visit,295582,sid5_gci1525950,00.html.

Supporting Resources

Follow Gluster on the web for the latest news and information at:

About Gluster

Gluster delivers an open storage software platform focused on simplifying the task of storing and managing the explosive growth of unstructured data. Our scale-out storage platform runs on commodity hardware scaling out in building block fashion from a few terabytes to multiple petabytes to meet the most demanding capacity and performance needs at a fraction of the cost of traditional systems. Gluster storage uses a unified global namespace to virtualize disk and memory resources into a single shared pool that is centrally managed. Our scalable NAS solutions address the needs of traditional data centers, shared storage for virtual server environments, and both public and private storage clouds. Gluster Storage Platform is used in a wide range of industries including digital media delivery, healthcare, internet, energy, and biotech. Gluster is privately-held and headquartered in Milpitas, California.

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Gluster Newsletter

October 2009

In This Edition of the Gluster Newsletter

Gluster Storage Platform Beta Program

Gluster is evolving from a standalone file system to a complete storage OS. Gluster Platform integrates GlusterFS with an operating system layer, management GUI, and installer. You can start with two bare servers and provision a few hundred terabytes of clustered storage in less than 30 minutes. The core file system is also being upgraded and enhanced with new features. The beta release is scheduled for Tuesday November 3rd. If you would like to formally participate in the beta program please email us at info(at)

New “Who is Using Gluster” Page Now Live

Thanks to everyone who has shared their Gluster deployment information with the community. We recently reorganized the ‘Who is Using’ information into a table that is much easier to navigate. We also integrated an interactive map that provides a global view of Gluster deployments. We encourage you to check it out, see how others are using Gluster, and add your own information as well: Who is Using Gluster.

Website and Community Improvements

You have probably noticed we relaunched the Gluster website last month, changing the look and feel, navigation, and a substantial amount of the content. We also formally changed the name of the company to Gluster from Z Research and created a new logo (the ant didn’t disappear for good – more on that shortly).

We also merged the site into a community section under the domain. Our goal was to eliminate overlap, simplify navigation, simplify maintenance, and make it easier for new community features to be added over time. Several folks were not happy to see the site go away and some speculated that was a signal Gluster was moving away from open source; so two things to note:

  1. Our commitment to open source development has not changed and will continue going forward (with GPLv3 as the foundation).
  2. The site will be returning

In the next few weeks we will roll out a new community home page, again initially focused on navigation and making nearly all key resources one click away. Following that, new features will be rolled out over time.


The Gluster Team

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Gluster Newsletter

December 2009

Gluster Storage Platform now Available! In This Edition of the Gluster Newsletter

  • Two new Gluster white papers released.
  • News coverage of the Storage Platform release, see what others are saying.
  • Gluster + MySQL + PHP success story on Amazon cloud platform.
  • Real World Computing article on PC Pro Magazine: Build your own distributed file system

Gluster Storage Platform Released

Gluster Storage Platform is a stand alone storage software stack that integrates the GlusterFS file system, an operating system layer, and a web-based management interface and installer. The primary focus is on ease of use whether you are deploying a few terabytes or hundreds of petabytes. Installation is a simple process that enables customers to deploy a few hundred terabytes of clustered storage in two steps and just a few mouse clicks. File system features have also been added and enhanced, the most significant of which are optimization for VM environments and providing always-on availability for VMs.

Two New White Papers Published

Gluster File System Architecture – Learn more about how the file system is designed, how and why we eliminated the metadata server, and more. Download this white paper. >

Guide to Deploying Gluster with Virtual Machine Environments – A step by step guide for deploying Gluster to complement virtual server environments.

Gluster in the News

Check out articles covering the release of Gluster Storage Platform from SearchStorage, InfoStor, Network World and more. [intlink id=”707″ type=”page”]Gluster News >[/intlink]

Gluster + MySQL + PHP success story on Amazon cloud platform

Learn how Elusive KG deployed a flexible web service for Berlin-based Maryme Ltd. on the Amazon EC2 platform with Gluster, MySQL, and PHP. Read on>

Article: Build Your Own Distributed File System

Simon Brock of UK-based Wide Area Communications and contributing editor to PC Pro marvels at Google’s resilient distributed file system, and builds his own from simple, cheap hardware and open source software. Read on>


The Gluster Team

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Gluster Newsletter

June 2010

In This Edition of the Gluster Newsletter

Gluster Names Ben Golub as President and CEO

On May 19, Gluster announced that Ben Golub will join the company as president and chief executive officer. Golub brings more than 20 years experience in the technology industry and has an outstanding track record of driving rapid top and bottom line growth in multiple businesses. Golub will replace acting CEO, Hitesh Chellani, who will now serve as the company’s vice president of operations.

New Webinar – Case Studies: Deploying Open Source Storage Clouds

Learn how two companies used open source clustered storage to build cloud environments on commodity hardware. In this webinar our panel of experts discuss:

  • Key storage trends and the importance of open source storage
  • The value of scalable storage, why it matters and what you should look for
  • Cloud storage, is it real and what are the practical use cases. [intlink id=”1111″ type=”page”]View the on-demand replay[/intlink]

Installation Videos Now Available

CTOEdge Article: In Pursuit of Elastic Data

As the amount of data that needs to be managed continues to grow, the IT industry as a whole is struggling with ways to cope with the problem. Right now, most of the solutions being discussed can be broken down into three camps. First, there are the various “Big Data” offerings, such as the Hadoop technology developed by Google. Then we have the rise of distributed cache servers that process more data faster than ever in memory. And finally, we’re starting to see any number of new file systems that promise greater levels of scalability than ever before. Read More

Gluster CEO Talks Open Source Clustered NAS Storage

Read the latest article from where Beth Pariseau sits down with Ben Golub and other executives from Gluster to discuss the state of the enterprise data storage industry, building an open source business model, and what’s coming in new releases of their product. Read More

Check Out Who is Using Gluster Worldwide

Check out the latest companies using Gluster worldwide. If you are currently testing out Gluster visit our Who is Using page and document how you are using or how you plan on using Gluster in your storage environment. We’d love to hear about your use case. Or visit [intlink id=”57″ type=”page”]Our Customers Page[/intlink] to see the latest companies deploying Gluster in production.


The Gluster Team

News and Events

Gluster Newsletter

July 2010

In This Edition of the Gluster Newsletter

Envoy Media Group Selects Gluster for Public Cloud Storage

Envoy Media Group is an innovative marketing firm that offers its clients highly-targeted media campaigns across multiple media channels including television, radio, the Internet, direct video and more. Envoy moved their IT infrastructure from a traditional co-location facility to Amazon Web Services to gain greater flexibility, take advantage of “pay-as-you-go” pricing, and lower operational costs. In order to ensure their media assets were always available, easy to share, and promptly delivered, Envoy selected Gluster in concert with Amazon EC2, EBS volumes, and S3.

Gluster Resource Center

Visit the Gluster Resource Center for all videos, white papers, quick start guides and more. Learn how to get started with setting up Gluster in your environment.

2010 Storage Superstars: 25 You Need To Know

This CRN article spotlights 25 of the individuals and teams that looked into the future to design today’s storage industry. These talented individuals and teams have spent years or decades developing their expertise and perfecting the art of storing, recovering, archiving, and protecting data.

Gluster CTO, AB Periasamy, was named as a leading figure of open source to storage. Check out the full list of 2010 storage superstars here.

SDTimes: Developers Cluster Around Gluster Open File System

In this article, Alex Handy from the Software Development Times, interviews Gluster CEO Ben Golub. Ben discusses the importance of the Gluster community and how Gluster hopes to commoditize the NAS market with the help of its open-source developers. Read the full article.

Webinar Replay – Case Studies: Deploying Open Source Storage Clouds

Learn how two companies used open source clustered storage to build cloud environments on commodity hardware. In this webinar a panel of experts discuss:

  • Key storage trends and the importance of open source storage
  • The value of scalable storage, why it matters and what you should look for
  • Cloud storage, is it real and what are the practical use cases
  • [intlink id=”1111″ type=”page”]View the on-demand replay[/intlink]

Start a Proof of Concept

If you are looking for comprehensive assistance and consulting to ensure a speedy and successful trial of Gluster in your environment we now offer a 60-day proof-of concept (POC) to get you up and running in no time. Gluster support staff will work closely with you throughout the evaluation and test process saving time and lowering risk as you use the product in an environment directly related to your production implementation. During the 60 days you will have direct access to Gluster support engineers from architecture and design through testing and tuning. We will help you configure your storage solution to meet your specific use case and requirements.


The Gluster Team

News & Events

Gluster Newsletter

August 2010

In This Edition of the Gluster Newsletter

Gluster VMStor for VMware – See Demo at VMworld 2010

Gluster introduces VMStor, a new capability of Gluster storage which simplifies scalable NAS for virtual machine (VM) storage. Initially supporting VMware, the new VMStor capability significantly decreases the expense associated with storing VMs by eliminating the requirement to use a traditional storage area network (SAN) based environment which can be expensive to scale. Gluster VMStor scales to multiple petabytes and can store an unlimited number of VM images. Key capabilities such as VM-level snapshots and backup can be performed with a single mouse click or automated with existing tools and cloud management software. Gluster will be demonstrating VMStor in booth #440 at VMworld 2010, taking place August 30 – September 2 at the Moscone Center in San Francisco.

[intlink id=”929″ type=”post”]>> Read the press release[/intlink]

Acquia Selects Gluster for Deploying Open Source Storage Amazon Web Services

Acquia, a commercial open source software company that provides products, services, and technical support for the open source Drupal social publishing system, has deployed Gluster’s open source storage solutions for their Drupal website hosting offering running on Amazon Web Services (AWS).

[intlink id=”936″ type=”post”]>> Read the press release[/intlink]

CTOEdge: Gluster Brings NAS Storage to VMware

In this CTOEdge article, Mike Vizard comments on the new Gluster VMStor for VMware product. He notes that this extension to the Gluster storage environment means that IT organizations have the option of deploying network attached storage (NAS) in VMware environments versus having to rely only on storage area network (SAN) technologies.

>> Read the full article

LinuxInsider: Closing the Server-Storage Virutalization Gap

In this LinuxInsider article, Gluster CTO AB Periasamy discusses the current state of Linux virtualization and provides best practices, focused on storage, aimed at closing the server-storage virtualization gap.

>> Read the full article

EnterpriseStorageForum: Gluster Brings Open Source to Unstructured Data

In this article Drew Robb discusses how Gluster is an open source startup that most people in storage have never heard of. Yet its value proposition could spell trouble for the big boys and potentially send the prices of proprietary hardware crashing down. Drew also highlights how Gluster is being harnessed in the real world, citing ideal use cases, and how open source companies are gaining ground in the storage market.

>> Read the full article

Linux Magazine Names GlusterFS as Cool User File System

Jeff Layton an Enterprise Technologies for HPC at Dell discusses reasons why he thinks GlusterFS is one of the coolest file systems in user space. [GlusterFS] has a very unique architecture that allows it to be configured for specific storage requirements and scenarios. It can be used as a high-performance parallel file system, or a cloud-based file system, or even a simple NFS server. All of this in user space. Could GlusterFS represent the future of file system development for Linux?

>> Read the full article

Online Store Now Available

Gluster is making it even easier to purchase commercial support subscriptions. You can now purchase Starter Pack, Professional, and Enterprise subscriptions online via the Gluster website. Or start by signing up for a Proof of Concept to evaluate and test Gluster in your environment. Simply sign up online and receive immediate access to Gluster technical experts. Visit the new subscriptions overview page for more details.


The Gluster Team

News & Events

Gluster Newsletter

September 2010

In This Edition of the Gluster Newsletter

Gluster Wins Best of VMworld 2010 Award

At VMworld San Francisco, Gluster VMStor for VMware took home the Best of VMworld 2010 Finalist award in the New Technology category. The panel of judges included a mix of industry experts, IT consultants and TechTarget editors. Entrants were scored on innovation, the value provided by the product, performance, reliability and ease of use.

[intlink id=”932″ type=”post”]>> Learn more[/intlink]

Gluster Goes to Copenhagen for VMworld Europe, Oct 12-14

Overall VMworld San Francisco was such a great event that we have decided to participate in VMworld Europe, October 12-14, in Copenhagen. If you are attending the conference be sure to stop by booth #106. We’ll also be featuring a demo of VMStor. For more information about the conference visit

SlideShare: Gluster VMStor for VMware Presentation

This presentation outlines Gluster VMStor for VMware, a scalable NAS platform for virtual machine image storage. Features include VM-level snapshots, one-click backup, single mount point, integrates seamlessly with VMware vSphere, uses standard NFS, and more. See the links below for the overview presentation and a video presentation posted to SlideShare.

>> View the SlideShare presentation

>> View the SlideShare video Confessions of a Former Web 2.0 CEO

In this article Gluster’s CEO, Ben Golub, describes why he jumped from a Web 2.0 company to a data storage startup. He outlines the various trends in the market place, why he thinks enterprise storage is sexy and lastly he notes why it’s now possible to build an enterprise storage company that runs like a consumer startup.

>> Read the full article

Virtualization Review: VMworld Reflections

In this Virtualization Review blog, Bruce Hoard reflects on VMworld as a great show that provides virtualization and cloud computing with a high-visibility forum it deserves. He also mentions a few vendors he was impressed with including Gluster, in his words, “seems to have a smart take on clustered storage”.

>> Read the full article Virtualizing NAS

File-system virtualization (aggregation) is one way of virtualizing file access. At a high level, file-system virtualization accumulates individual file systems into a pool that’s accessed by clients as a single unit. In other words, clients see a single large namespace without being aware of the underlying file stores. The underlying file store could be a single NAS, or a mesh of various file servers and NAS systems. File-system virtualization products address two main problems: They give users a single virtual file store; and they offer storage management capabilities such as nondisruptive data migration and file-path persistency while files are moved between different physical file stores.

>> Read the full article

Storage Switzerland: VMworld Briefing Note

Eric Slack, a senior analyst with Storage Switzerland gives his take on Gluster and how its business model appeals to the channel. Gluster is making a strong push to engage storage VARS and has a strong product for the channel. Given the growth in unstructured data and the appeal of NAS solutions, there won’t be a shortage of interest by end users. In the server virtualization space, especially by the mid-market users Gluster is focused on, NAS is emerging as the platform of choice. Gluster provides a flexible solution that VARs can apply to a wide range of use cases, an important characteristic to be successful on a crowded VAR line card. Also, Gluster’s software format involves integration, drags hardware and allows VARs to build a solution, not just sell a box.

>> Read the full article

Check Out Who is Using Gluster

Take a moment to look through our Who is Using Gluster page. This page gives you an idea of the various types of companies using Gluster around the world. If you happen to be a Gluster user and have not yet contributed to our Who is Using page we’d love to hear how you are deploying Gluster in your environment. As a token of our appreciation for submitting your information we will send you a Gluster t-shirt.

>> Visit Who is Using Gluster page


The Gluster Team

News & Events

Gluster Newsletter

November 2010

In This Edition of the Gluster Newsletter

GlusterFS v3.1 Now Available

On October 12, Gluster announced the general availability of GlusterFS version 3.1, with new capabilities to enable improved elastic volume management and automation. The new release is suited for the needs of dynamic cloud and data environments, allowing data to elastically grow, shrink or migrate across the physical machines in a cluster without any downtime or service interruptions. Storage volume configuration changes can be made on-the-fly for real time response to changing workload or performance tuning. GlusterFS v3.1 is available under the GNU Affero General Public License.

>> Learn More

Upgrading Gluster to 3.1 Video

This video outlines the process for upgrading Gluster from version 3.0.x to version 3.1.

>> Watch the Slideshare video

Installing Gluster 3.1 and Creating a Replicated Storage Volume

This video shows how to install Gluster 3.1 and create a replicated storage volume. The volume is then mounted as NFS and GlusterFS natively.

>> Watch the Slideshare video

How to Expand and Rebalance a Gluster Storage Volume

This video shows how to add servers to an existing Gluster storage volume without requiring a remount and will show how to re-balance the volume to distribute the data evenly across servers.

>> Watch the Slideshare Video

Gluster Now a Mezeo Ready Storage Solution Partner

Mezeo Software (, the leading provider of a deployable cloud storage platform, recently announced Gluster as a Mezeo Ready Solution Partner. As a Mezeo Ready solution, the Gluster Storage Platform enables organizations using a Mezeo-enabled private, hybrid or public storage cloud to realize the cost, scalability and performance benefits of the Gluster Storage Platform. With Mezeo, enterprises can implement a secure, private cloud, and IT Service Providers can rapidly monetize a branded cloud storage service offering.

>> Read the article

GigaOM: “Cloud Storage: Two Days, Three Startups, $30 Million”

In this GigaOM article, Derrick Harris writes how cloud storage startups have received lots of investor love recently. Noting in the past two days, three cloud storage companies raised a total of $30 million, including [intlink id=”923″ type=”post”]Gluster bringing in $8.5 million[/intlink], Zetta scoring $11.5 million and Nirvanix receiving $10 million. It’s further proof that organizations are looking for scalable (and, ideally, inexpensive) methods for storing their growing data stores, and that cloud computing is becoming an ideal model to do that.

>> Read the article

Enterprise Storage Forum: Gluster Updates Open Source Storage Platform for the Cloud

In this Enterprise Storage Forum article, Kevin Komiega, reviews the latest features released in Gluster v3.1 including Elastic Volume Management, native NFS, and the new console manager.

>> Read the full article

CloudAve: Gluster Platform Adds Elasticity and Automation Making it Cloud Ready

In this blog post, Krishnan Subramanian provides some insight to the Gluster 3.1 announcement and the latest released features. In the conclusion he states, “Gluster Platform is very attractive not just for the powerful feature set shown above but it also has a very low cost overhead. It is very attractive for enterprises looking forward to cut costs in this troubled economy without having to compromise much on other important factors like reliability, performance, etc.”

>> Read the full article


The Gluster Team

News & Events

Gluster Newsletter

December 2010

In This Edition of the Gluster Newsletter

Webinar Replay: Service Providers Deploying Open Source Scale-Out Storage

If you missed our webinar on “Service Providers Deploying Open Source Scale-Out Storage”, featuring Enterprise Strategy Group (ESG) analyst Terri McClure, and cloud computing evangelist & CTO of Enomaly, Reuven Cohen, you can now view the on-demand replay at your leisure. Includes information on future storage trends and also highlights a few customers using both Gluster and Enomaly technologies in cloud production environments. This webinar is for service providers or other firms looking to learn more about cloud storage, increase service offerings and/or add new revenue streams through the adoption of cloud computing.

[intlink id=”1109″ type=”page”]>> View On-Demand Replay[/intlink]

Gluster Blog: Storage is Sexy Again

In this blog post, Gluster CEO Ben Golub, reflects on recent storage acquisition news and what it all means for the industry. He notes two broad themes are clear including storage is indeed sexy again and the scale-out storage approach is gaining momentum.

>> Read the blog

Virtual Strategy Magazine: Q&A with Ben Golub of Gluster

In this VSM article, CEO Ben Golub, answers questions related to everything from Gluster’s recent series B funding announcement to the storage problem Gluster’s technology addresses to what the open source community means to Gluster’s product development cycle and more.

>> Read the article

Storage Architect Blog: Closing the Server/Storage Virtualization Gap

This is a guest blog post from Anand Babu (AB) Periasamy, CTO and co-founder of Gluster.

In the virtualization foot race, the server has clearly been playing the role of the hare, with storage-a.k.a., the tortoise-bringing up the rear. The technology innovation in server virtualization got a lengthy head start on storage and has continued to outpace it ever since, making some question how the tortoise will ever have a chance to catch up.

Waiting for them at the finish line is a truly virtualized data center and a fully enabled cloud, two things that go hand in hand. They may be waiting for quite a while, if the industry does not intelligently approach and successfully tackle the problem of virtualizing the storage layer.

>> Read more

SiliconAngle: EMC, Isilon, and the Rebirth of Storage

In this SiliconAngle article, Gluster CEO, Ben Golub writes about the future of Network Attached Storage (NAS) with the recent storage company acquisitions noting the EMC acquisition of Isilon. Ben also talks about how innovation from private companies can often disrupt the industry and what these smaller private companies can do to compete against the big incumbents.

>> Read the article


The Gluster Team

Gluster to Help Manage Rapid Data Growth for Pandora

Gluster to Help Manage Rapid Data Growth for Pandora

MILPITAS, Calif. – January 5, 2011 – Gluster, a leading provider of scalable, open source storage solutions, today announced that Pandora, the leading personalized radio service, has selected and deployed Gluster to help manage their rapidly growing data storage infrastructure. Pandora has deployed over 250 terabytes of storage to hold its vast music collection. Pandora has more than 75 million registered users in the United States and the company’s personalized radio stations that play on more than 200 devices, including PCs, smartphones, the iPad and in-home connected devices such as televisions, Blu-Ray players, table-top radios and digital media players.

Continue reading “Gluster to Help Manage Rapid Data Growth for Pandora”