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June 2010

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Gluster Names Ben Golub as President and CEO

On May 19, Gluster announced that Ben Golub will join the company as president and chief executive officer. Golub brings more than 20 years experience in the technology industry and has an outstanding track record of driving rapid top and bottom line growth in multiple businesses. Golub will replace acting CEO, Hitesh Chellani, who will now serve as the company’s vice president of operations.

New Webinar – Case Studies: Deploying Open Source Storage Clouds

Learn how two companies used open source clustered storage to build cloud environments on commodity hardware. In this webinar our panel of experts discuss:

  • Key storage trends and the importance of open source storage
  • The value of scalable storage, why it matters and what you should look for
  • Cloud storage, is it real and what are the practical use cases. [intlink id=”1111″ type=”page”]View the on-demand replay[/intlink]

Installation Videos Now Available

CTOEdge Article: In Pursuit of Elastic Data

As the amount of data that needs to be managed continues to grow, the IT industry as a whole is struggling with ways to cope with the problem. Right now, most of the solutions being discussed can be broken down into three camps. First, there are the various “Big Data” offerings, such as the Hadoop technology developed by Google. Then we have the rise of distributed cache servers that process more data faster than ever in memory. And finally, we’re starting to see any number of new file systems that promise greater levels of scalability than ever before. Read More

Gluster CEO Talks Open Source Clustered NAS Storage

Read the latest article from where Beth Pariseau sits down with Ben Golub and other executives from Gluster to discuss the state of the enterprise data storage industry, building an open source business model, and what’s coming in new releases of their product. Read More

Check Out Who is Using Gluster Worldwide

Check out the latest companies using Gluster worldwide. If you are currently testing out Gluster visit our Who is Using page and document how you are using or how you plan on using Gluster in your storage environment. We’d love to hear about your use case. Or visit [intlink id=”57″ type=”page”]Our Customers Page[/intlink] to see the latest companies deploying Gluster in production.


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