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November 2010

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GlusterFS v3.1 Now Available

On October 12, Gluster announced the general availability of GlusterFS version 3.1, with new capabilities to enable improved elastic volume management and automation. The new release is suited for the needs of dynamic cloud and data environments, allowing data to elastically grow, shrink or migrate across the physical machines in a cluster without any downtime or service interruptions. Storage volume configuration changes can be made on-the-fly for real time response to changing workload or performance tuning. GlusterFS v3.1 is available under the GNU Affero General Public License.

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Upgrading Gluster to 3.1 Video

This video outlines the process for upgrading Gluster from version 3.0.x to version 3.1.

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Installing Gluster 3.1 and Creating a Replicated Storage Volume

This video shows how to install Gluster 3.1 and create a replicated storage volume. The volume is then mounted as NFS and GlusterFS natively.

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How to Expand and Rebalance a Gluster Storage Volume

This video shows how to add servers to an existing Gluster storage volume without requiring a remount and will show how to re-balance the volume to distribute the data evenly across servers.

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Gluster Now a Mezeo Ready Storage Solution Partner

Mezeo Software (, the leading provider of a deployable cloud storage platform, recently announced Gluster as a Mezeo Ready Solution Partner. As a Mezeo Ready solution, the Gluster Storage Platform enables organizations using a Mezeo-enabled private, hybrid or public storage cloud to realize the cost, scalability and performance benefits of the Gluster Storage Platform. With Mezeo, enterprises can implement a secure, private cloud, and IT Service Providers can rapidly monetize a branded cloud storage service offering.

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GigaOM: “Cloud Storage: Two Days, Three Startups, $30 Million”

In this GigaOM article, Derrick Harris writes how cloud storage startups have received lots of investor love recently. Noting in the past two days, three cloud storage companies raised a total of $30 million, including [intlink id=”923″ type=”post”]Gluster bringing in $8.5 million[/intlink], Zetta scoring $11.5 million and Nirvanix receiving $10 million. It’s further proof that organizations are looking for scalable (and, ideally, inexpensive) methods for storing their growing data stores, and that cloud computing is becoming an ideal model to do that.

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Enterprise Storage Forum: Gluster Updates Open Source Storage Platform for the Cloud

In this Enterprise Storage Forum article, Kevin Komiega, reviews the latest features released in Gluster v3.1 including Elastic Volume Management, native NFS, and the new console manager.

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CloudAve: Gluster Platform Adds Elasticity and Automation Making it Cloud Ready

In this blog post, Krishnan Subramanian provides some insight to the Gluster 3.1 announcement and the latest released features. In the conclusion he states, “Gluster Platform is very attractive not just for the powerful feature set shown above but it also has a very low cost overhead. It is very attractive for enterprises looking forward to cut costs in this troubled economy without having to compromise much on other important factors like reliability, performance, etc.”

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