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October 2009

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Gluster Storage Platform Beta Program

Gluster is evolving from a standalone file system to a complete storage OS. Gluster Platform integrates GlusterFS with an operating system layer, management GUI, and installer. You can start with two bare servers and provision a few hundred terabytes of clustered storage in less than 30 minutes. The core file system is also being upgraded and enhanced with new features. The beta release is scheduled for Tuesday November 3rd. If you would like to formally participate in the beta program please email us at info(at)

New “Who is Using Gluster” Page Now Live

Thanks to everyone who has shared their Gluster deployment information with the community. We recently reorganized the ‘Who is Using’ information into a table that is much easier to navigate. We also integrated an interactive map that provides a global view of Gluster deployments. We encourage you to check it out, see how others are using Gluster, and add your own information as well: Who is Using Gluster.

Website and Community Improvements

You have probably noticed we relaunched the Gluster website last month, changing the look and feel, navigation, and a substantial amount of the content. We also formally changed the name of the company to Gluster from Z Research and created a new logo (the ant didn’t disappear for good – more on that shortly).

We also merged the site into a community section under the domain. Our goal was to eliminate overlap, simplify navigation, simplify maintenance, and make it easier for new community features to be added over time. Several folks were not happy to see the site go away and some speculated that was a signal Gluster was moving away from open source; so two things to note:

  1. Our commitment to open source development has not changed and will continue going forward (with GPLv3 as the foundation).
  2. The site will be returning

In the next few weeks we will roll out a new community home page, again initially focused on navigation and making nearly all key resources one click away. Following that, new features will be rolled out over time.


The Gluster Team