Free 7-day Trial of Gluster on Amazon Web Services

We announced exciting news today for customers and community members who are interested in Public Cloud Storage.  Today, we announced that we will make up to 7 days of Amazon Web Services Elastic Compute Cloud (EC2) and Elastic Block Storage (EBS) usage free to people who are interested in trying Gluster’s Amazon Machine Image (AMI).

The integration of Gluster and Amazon Web Services is truly exciting, because it enables users to create a multi-client shared storage pool in the cloud that can scale to  petabytes and  that delivers performance, flexibility,  and availability that rivals on-premise deployments.

How does it work?  Quite simply, Gluster’s AMI aggregates the computing and I/O power of multiple EC2 instances and the capacity of multiple EBS volumes into a single, centrally managed global namespace. Each EC2 instance of Gluster delivers ~ 50 MB/s of throughput and petabytes of capacity.  So, adding capacity is simply a matter of adding additional EBS volumes to the cluster—and there are no practical limits. Adding performance is simply a matter of deploying across more EC2 instances. As shown in the graph below, by the time you’ve grown to 8 EC2 instances, you can expect nearly 300 MB/s of write throughput and nearly 500 MB/s of write performance. And, there are no practical limits to how many EC2 instances you can put into your cluster.  Finally, your data can be replicated across multiple instances and multiple Amazon availability zones (which are geographically separate data centers with separate power, management, etc.).

Literally, in less than one hour, users can scale to hundreds of terabytes and hundreds of MB/s of throughout, with n-way replication across multiple Amazon availability zones.  Equally important, usage (and economics) can scale up or down as your needs require.  Furthermore, since Gluster is POSIX compliant, and supports standard NAS and NFS protocols, there is no need to rewrite your applications.

All that was needed was to make the process of trying as simple and risk-free as possible. Now, not only are your first 30 days of Gluster free (no matter how many EBS & EC2 instances you use), but your first 7 days from Amazon are free as well.

We really appreciate Amazon’s partnership and commitment. We’ve seen a real spike in deployments since we first launched, and the feedback has been amazing.

Follow this link for more details, or to sign up for your free trial and free AWS resources.

Gluster Amazon Machine Image Performance Chart

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