Gluster Announces Free 7-Day Trial on Amazon Web Services

Leading provider of scale-out cloud storage offers a package of compute and storage for current and non-AWS users to try Gluster Virtual Storage Appliance for AWS

SUNNYVALE, Calif. – April 12, 2011 – Gluster, the leading provider of scale-out, open source storage solutions for public and private clouds, today announced it will provide a $100 AWS credit which enables users to test the Gluster Virtual Storage Appliance for Amazon Web Services (AWS) free for up to seven days. This trial entitles users to seven days free Amazon Elastic Compute Cloud (EC2) and storage resources including m1.large and Elastic Block Storage (EBS) along with Gluster Virtual Storage Appliance. Open to both current and non-users of AWS, the trial is a great way to try Gluster without having to allocate, dedicate or acquire any hardware to do so and is a great opportunity for those who have wanted to test AWS but have found themselves short on time or budget. Gluster offers the only high-availability storage for AWS EC2 – across availability zones and AWS regions. To sign up for the free trial please visit

“Many IT organizations are using AWS now, and there are many others who are thinking about it but may not have had the time, funds or opportunity to do so yet,” said Ben Golub, CEO at Gluster. “This trial enables organizations to test run their applications in the cloud and quickly realize the benefits of cloud computing without requiring a ton of resources.”

Key benefits of the free trial include:

  • Test drive Amazon Web Services EC2 and EBS
  • Experience the ease of deployment and performance of Gluster on AWS
  • Verify our guaranteed data high availability
  • Test the ability to aggregate multiple EBS Volumes
  • Gluster is POSIX compliant so there is no need to rewrite applications for the trial

“Amazon’s compute capabilities combined with Gluster’s scalable cloud storage solution offer a powerful combination that is crucial to successful cloud deployments,” said Lori Budin, Vice President, Channels and Partners at Gluster. “Our partnership with AWS delivers users the fastest path to highly available cloud storage and gives them a risk-free, affordable way to get their feet wet with cloud computing. Once users have the chance to try out both AWS and Gluster capabilities, we are confident they will want to consider a more permanent cloud solution for many of their more costly traditional data center solutions.”

The 7-day trial offer starts today and will run for a limited time. To get started with a free trial, register at

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About Gluster Technology
Gluster Virtual Storage Appliances are specifically designed for public and private cloud environments. The appliances give enterprises the ability to treat physical storage as a virtualized, standardized, and scale-on-demand pool in much the same way that they treat computing resources today, radically improving storage economics in the process. The software-only Virtual Storage Appliance integrates GlusterFS into a VM for deployment on any VMware certified hardware or cloud platform. For AWS, GlusterFS is packaged in an Amazon Machine Image (AMI) for deployment on the AWS cloud. The appliances are fully functional Gluster storage servers that pool storage resources under a global namespace with elastic volume management for data growth and migration with no downtime.

About Gluster
Gluster provides open source storage solutions that deliver massively scalable storage for public and private clouds. Our open-source software runs on commodity computing and storage resources (either public or private clouds), enabling customers to scale performance, capacity, and availability on demand. Customers have scaled Gluster in building block fashion from a few terabytes to multiple petabytes to meet the most demanding capacity and performance needs at a fraction of the cost of traditional proprietary and monolithic systems. Gluster uses a unified global namespace to virtualize disk and memory resources into a single shared pool that is centrally managed. Our scalable virtual appliances address the needs of public and private clouds, traditional data centers, shared storage for virtual server environments. Gluster is used by enterprises in a wide range of industries, including digital media delivery, healthcare, internet, energy, and biotech. Gluster is privately-held and headquartered in Sunnyvale, California.  Visit us at

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