Gluster Wins “Best of Show” at Citrix Synergy SF 2011

Everyone likes to receive awards and positive recognition. But when you win not one but two awards – one of them a “best of show” award – at a prestigious industry event, you can’t help but be thrilled and feel like you’ve hit the big time.

Gluster has been awarded Best of Show for the Gluster Virtual Storage Appliance for Xen at the Citrix Synergy™ Conference this week. Described as a “superior horizontally scalable storage solution for the cloud,” the Gluster Virtual Storage Appliance also received the Best Partner Solution for Accelerating Cloud Action award. (Holy long award names, Batman)

Now, we already believe our solution is great. You can’t fake this kind of commitment: If we weren’t confident in the value we can bring to people, we couldn’t innovate or work as hard and enthusiastically as we do. The awards are a tribute to our employees’ passion and dedication. Awards spur us to push even harder, to want to do even more to keep delivering what organizations and our loyal community members need. The need for scalable storage solutions will only grow as more companies move to the cloud computing model and as the challenge of managing gigantic amounts of unstructured data worsens.

Gluster Virtual Storage Appliance for Xen is one of the results of our technological innovation and passion. Specifically designed for Xen environments, the Gluster Virtual Storage Appliance for Xen linearly scales availability, performance and capacity to multiple petabytes. It can be deployed on almost any commodity compute and storage hardware supported by the Xen hypervisor, treating both application data and virtual machine images as files and folders.

We’ll be hosting a free webinar this week to provide more specifics on the Gluster Virtual Storage Appliance for Xen. The webinar will be this Friday, June 3, at 10 am PT / 1 pm ET and will feature Tom Trainer, our director of product marketing. If you’re interested in attending, please register here.

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