New Release: GlusterFS 3.2.1

Come and get ’em! GlusterFS 3.2.1 has just been released – it’s a maintenance release with performance enhancements and bug fixes. Packages are available for RHEL, Ubuntu, Fedora, Debian, CentOS and source tarball. Visit our download page at

Here is a rundown of issues fixed in this release:

  • Bug 2294: Fixed the issue occurred during creating and sharing of volumes with both RDMA and
    TCP/IP transport type.
  • Bug 2522: Fixed the issue of invalid argument while removing a file. This was caused by gfid mismatch, which happens during distribute rename.
  • Bug 2553: Fixed the issue occurred during NFS file creation with Mac client.
  • Bug 2904: Fixed the issues occurred during upgrading from 3.1.x version to 3.2.x.
  • Bug 2949: Fixed the issue of glusterfs hanging when self-heal command is issued on two glusterfs clients.
  • Bug 2941: Fixed the issue of glusterd breaking down when starting hundreds of volumes.
  • Bug 2870: Fixed the issue of inconsistent xattr values when creating bricks.
  • Bug 2994: Fixed the issue of glusterfs hanging when untar and rm commands are run in parallel.

You can find community support at, gluster-users mailing list, or on IRC at #gluster on freenode.

Release notes are available here.