TMCNet Interview with Tom Trainer at Cloud Expo

We had a blast last week at Cloud Expo, with lots of customers, users and partners coming by to say hello. TMCnet was kind of enough to interview our in-house storage industry expert, Tom Trainer:

Gluster Joins Calxeda Trailblazer Initiative

Innovative cloud storage provider commits to ecosystem dedicated to working with ARM server innovator to improve datacenter and server efficiency

Sunnyvale, Calif. – June 14, 2011 – Gluster, the leading provider of scale-out, open source storage solutions, today announced it is among the first companies to join the Calxeda Trailblazer Initiative, an industry ecosystem of companies dedicated to improving server and datacenter efficiency. Gluster was selected by Calxeda to be a Trailblazer, and as such, will be first to begin proof of concept testing this fall. For more information, please see the release on the launch of the Calxeda Trailblazer Initiative, issued today.

“As volumes of information increase daily, storage continues to be the holy grail. Gluster’s scale-out NAS approach for cloud and virtual machine environments combined with Calxeda’s scale-out architecture will be a formidable player in all things datacenter storage,” said Barry Evans, CEO, Calxeda. “Collaborating, as we will do with Gluster as an early member of Trailblazer, will enable our two companies to make the datacenter of the future real in the very near term.”

Trailblazer partners will work with Calxeda to accelerate adoption of hyper-efficient servers, creating a rich ecosystem that end users will benefit from by ultimately delivering full systems faster. Since its August 2010 launch, Calxeda has created significant industry interest in its ARM-based servers. With Trailblazer, Calxeda is reacting to demand from customers and partners to get its chips into servers and datacenters, the first step being partner access to early silicon for Proof of Concept testing, expected this Fall. The Calxeda Trailblazer program will comprise a wide variety of industry players, software developers, hardware companies and systems integrators, including Gluster.

“The trend towards low-power and hyper-efficient compute resources matches what we are seeing in the storage market,” said AB Periasamy, founder and CTO, Gluster. “Organizations want to reduce costs associated with compute and storage infrastructure while maximizing performance and we are pleased to be participating in the Calxeda Trailblazer program.”

As a Trailblazer, Calxeda will provide Gluster with early access to hardware, operating system software, tools, applications and joint sales and marketing. Gluster will also receive first updates on valuable benchmarking and technical information, all intended to help both companies – and the entire ecosystem – deliver complete systems to end users faster, improving datacenter efficiency. Powered by Calxeda’s high-performance, low-power ARM chips, these new servers and next generation data centers will help solve the energy consumption crisis, and will significantly increase efficiency and save money for users along the way.

Supporting Resources
Follow Gluster on the web for the latest news and information at:

About Gluster Technology
Gluster’s software-only solutions let enterprises deploy storage the same way they deploy computing today–as a virtualized, commoditized, and scale-on-demand pool, radically improving storage economics. Combined with the customer’s choice of commodity computing and storage resources, Gluster can scale-out to petabytes of capacity and GB/s of throughput at a fraction of the cost of proprietary systems. Gluster ensures high availability with n-way replication both within and between public and private data centers. Gluster is deployable both on-premise (as a virtual appliance or bare-metal software appliance) and in public clouds such as Amazon Web Services. Gluster is the primary author and maintainer of the open-source GlusterFS software, which has been downloaded over 200,000 times.

About Gluster
Gluster is the leading provider of open source storage solutions for public, private and hybrid clouds. Over 150 enterprises worldwide have used Gluster in commercial deployments ranging from a few terabytes to multiple petabytes, across the most demanding applications in digital media delivery, healthcare, Internet, energy and biotech. Gluster is privately-held and headquartered in Sunnyvale, California. Visit us at
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Media Contact:
Danielle Tarp
Mindshare PR for Gluster

The Future of Cloud Storage talk – Video, Slides and Photos

Our co-founder and CTO, AB Periasamy, made the trek to to present his (and Gluster’s) vision of the future of cloud storage. Like everything else, storage is increasingly decoupled from the physical media that one normally associates with it, ie. disk drives and hardware. While the virtualization of the storage layer might lag the speed that compute power and everything else has been virtualized, things are now proceeding at a very fast pace. It feels good to know that Gluster is at the vanguard of this movement.

Here is video of AB’s presentation:

And here are his slides, hosted at Slideshare:

Future of cloud storage

View more presentations from Gluster

Look for more multimedia presentations soon!

New Release: GlusterFS 3.2.1

Come and get ’em! GlusterFS 3.2.1 has just been released – it’s a maintenance release with performance enhancements and bug fixes. Packages are available for RHEL, Ubuntu, Fedora, Debian, CentOS and source tarball. Visit our download page at

Here is a rundown of issues fixed in this release:

  • Bug 2294: Fixed the issue occurred during creating and sharing of volumes with both RDMA and
    TCP/IP transport type.
  • Bug 2522: Fixed the issue of invalid argument while removing a file. This was caused by gfid mismatch, which happens during distribute rename.
  • Bug 2553: Fixed the issue occurred during NFS file creation with Mac client.
  • Bug 2904: Fixed the issues occurred during upgrading from 3.1.x version to 3.2.x.
  • Bug 2949: Fixed the issue of glusterfs hanging when self-heal command is issued on two glusterfs clients.
  • Bug 2941: Fixed the issue of glusterd breaking down when starting hundreds of volumes.
  • Bug 2870: Fixed the issue of inconsistent xattr values when creating bricks.
  • Bug 2994: Fixed the issue of glusterfs hanging when untar and rm commands are run in parallel.

You can find community support at, gluster-users mailing list, or on IRC at #gluster on freenode.

Release notes are available here.

Monolithic Scale-Out NAS Is Out Of Gas

The cloudwashing that’s running rampant throughout the storage industry has clearly got to stop. My latest observation is that traditional monolithic scale-out NAS vendors are so aggressively selling their offerings for the cloud that their claims are completely out of control.

Monolithic Scale-Out NAS Is Out Of Gas

The cloudwashing that’s running rampant throughout the storage industry has clearly got to stop. My latest observation is that traditional monolithic scale-out NAS vendors are so aggressively selling their offerings for the cloud that their claims are completely out of control.

Empire State of Mind: Cloud Expo, Cloud Camp, AWS Summit

Next week is all about cloud computing in New York, with special appearances by Gluster at Cloud Expo, Cloud Camp and the AWS Summit. We’re in an empire state of mind!

Here are the particulars for each:

Cloud Expo

Cloud Expo runs from Monday, June 6 through Thursday, June 9. Come by and visit us in booth #250, where we will lavish you with t-shirts and software demos.

Cloud Camp

Cloud Camp NY takes place on Tuesday, June 7 from 5:30 to 9:30 pm EDT. I will a lightning talk, and those start at 6:15. I’ll post pics, video and any slides here afterwards.

AWS Summit

And finally, we’ll be at the AWS Summit on Friday, June 10, starting at 8:30 am EDT. Looks like a great program for attendees!

Please allow me to introduce myself…

As Gluster’s newly-annointed community guy, I wanted to give a big “Hello” to the Gluster community. After a 3-year hiatus from commercial open source projects, it feels great to be back in the saddle. A long, long time ago, in a galaxy far, far away, I was charged with building developer communities (we called them foundries) for Since then, I’ve been involved in a couple of startups, including Hyperic. Most recently, I was at Splunk. As great as that was – and it was pretty great – there was definitely something missing. That something was the good will that comes from empowering anyone with smarts and desire to create things out of the building blocks you gave them. Useful, productive things that power economies, stimulate innovation, and lift others out of poverty. Having dabbled on the other side of the fence for the last three years, I can now say with some authority that this is only possible with open source; everything else falls just short of granting a community the level of control and power they need to really own their involvement.

Of course, Gluster, Inc. is no non-profit, so it doesn’t hurt that giving free software to the world also gives us a competitive advantage in the storage industry. I was intrigued by the co-founders’ belief that the future of storage is in the software, and the industry-wide movement towards clouds and virtualization corroborate this view. The last generation of proprietary software tightly bound to a proprietary hardware layer simply doesn’t make sense in a world where abstraction layers blur where computing resources begin and end. It is now relatively easy to add memory and compute power, but storage is the final frontier for distributed computing. Now, with GlusterFS, we can add petabytes of storage, decoupled from specific devices and blocks for greater elasticity and scalability. Gluster provides high availability by synchronously replicating files locally with our n-Way replication and across large geographic distances with asynchronous Geo-replication, and – most importantly – we do it all elastically. As an added bonus, we give you this without requiring developers to re-write their code. It’s an open source community guy’s dream: rock-solid open source foundation, dynamic user and developer community, cutting edge cloud computing, and adding value for customers and community participants around the world.

I’m here because, frankly, we need to establish a more productive dialogue with our user and developer communities. If there are particular community-related topics you’d like to hear about, let me know! And if there’s anything you would like to see us do (or not do) vis a vis the Gluster community, write about it in the comments below. You can reach me in a myriad of ways:

On Twitter, I’m @johnmark and I often post under the @gluster handle. I’m ‘johnmark’ on our IRC channel, #gluster at, and I post to our Facebook page, too. And finally, if you must send me email, you may contact me at jwalker ‘at’

I look forward to seeing your comments in the space below, and elsewhere. Drop me a line!

-John Mark

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