Gluster for Geeks: Monitoring GlusterFS Performance and Availability

This has been something we’ve had stirring in the pot for a while, and we’re really excited to be bringing it to you. We’ve heard quite a few bits of feedback that you’d like more information on ways to monitor the health and performance of GlusterFS. We have been listening, and we are putting together material to satiate this demand, beginning with this first webinar in the series on the subject of performance monitoring. Craig Carl has been generous enough to donate his time to the effort, and he will lead future episodes in the series involving even more tactics for getting more out of your GlusterFS deployments.

RSVP for the webinar here.

This webinar series is geared towards the sysadmin, storage engineer, or developer who had already deployed GlusterFS and is now looking to fine-tune and measure performance.

In this Gluster for Geeks technical webinar, Craig Carl, Senior Systems Engineer, will explain and demonstrate how to monitor your Gluster cluster for availability and performance.

Topics covered will include:
*what services and logs to watch
*how to run baseline performance testing
*how to use Ganglia for ongoing performance monitoring

Craig will demonstrate how to use Ganglia to collate performance data from across a Gluster cluster and present it in a usable format. We will spend a little time discussing why using averages and ignoring standard deviation can result in very misleading results.With time permitting we will demonstrate performance monitoring using Amazon CloudWatch and RightScale’s monitoring tools.

This will be a 90 minute webinar with the first hour dedicated to content and the last 30 minutes scheduled for Q&A.

RSVP for the webinar here.

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