Gluster Joins Linux Foundation

Leading provider of open source storage solutions joins Linux Foundation to further support the development and growth of storage for Linux-based solutions

Sunnyvale, Calif. – July 13, 2011 – Gluster, the leading provider of scale-out, open source storage solutions, today announced it has joined the Linux Foundation, a nonprofit organization dedicated to promoting and standardizing Linux by providing the resources and services needed for open source to compete with closed platforms. Founded in 2007, the Linux Foundation is committed to the development and growth of Linux and is supported by leading companies and developers from around the world..

“Gluster understands and supports how crucial Linux and open source offerings are to the success of many technologies like cloud computing, for instance,” said Amanda McPherson, vice president of marketing and developer programs, The Linux Foundation. “ By joining the Linux Foundation, Gluster is helping to advance the role of Linux and open source software in the enterprise.”

Gluster provides users with open source storage solutions that deliver massively scalable storage for both public and private clouds. Running on commodity computing and storage resources, its open source software enables customers to scale performance, capacity, and availability on demand.

“Since the beginning I was dedicated to creating an open source storage solution and Gluster fully supports the open source development, unified resources and the extensive services provided by Linux,” said Anand Babu (AB) Periasamy, co-founder and CTO at Gluster. “We are pleased to be the newest member of the Linux Foundation, expanding our work with Linux and the open source communities.”

Supporting Resources
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About Gluster Technology
Gluster’s software-only solutions let enterprises deploy storage the same way they deploy computing today–as a virtualized, commoditized, and scale-on-demand pool, radically improving storage economics. Combined with the customer’s choice of commodity computing and storage resources, Gluster can scale-out to petabytes of capacity and GB/s of throughput at a fraction of the cost of proprietary systems. Gluster ensures high availability with n-way replication both within and between public and private data centers. Gluster is deployable both on-premise (as a virtual appliance or bare-metal software appliance) and in public clouds such as Amazon Web Services. Gluster is the primary author and maintainer of the open-source GlusterFS software, which has been downloaded over 200,000 times.

About Gluster
Gluster is the leading provider of open source storage solutions for public, private and hybrid clouds. Over 150 enterprises worldwide have used Gluster in commercial deployments ranging from a few terabytes to multiple petabytes, across the most demanding applications in digital media delivery, healthcare, Internet, energy and biotech. Gluster is privately-held and headquartered in Sunnyvale, California. Visit us at

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Media Contact:
Danielle Tarp
Mindshare PR for Gluster

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