Gluster’s Shiny New Connector for OpenStack

The Gluster Connector for OpenStack is a triumph of community. Watching OpenStack grow as quickly as it has, changing the industry as it has, is breathtaking to watch. To be able to participate in that community and move it that much more forward is a privilege that we don’t take for granted. The code is available now. You can get more information about release availability and the first cut of documentation on our resource page.

So what are we doing with OpenStack? This line from the press release says it all:

The Gluster Connector for OpenStack …supports the virtual motion of the VMs within the OpenStack compute environment.

This is huge. The OpenStack community can now deploy or migrate VM’s anywhere in the world, more flexibly, quickly and at greater scale. Here are some of the things GlusterFS enables:

  • Instantly boot VMs using a mountable filesystem interface – no more fetching the entire VM image before booting
  • Live migration of VMs with no disruption to users for business continuity and disaster recovery
  • Instantly switch from one VM to another
  • Migrate the VMs as well as resume the VMs on a different hypervisor, in case the original hypervisor fails.
  • After migration, the destination VM comes up with preserved data
  • Movement of VMs between clouds
  • Easier management of VMs

Because of the global namespace capability of GlusterFS, we’re bringing the dream of open cloud federation that much closer to reality. If you’re deploying an OpenStack cloud, this makes life easier and opens up new possibilities at the same time. If you’re a developer, your apps are now easier to scale-out to multiple geographic locations.

These are exciting days in the cloud computing world.

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