Update on GlusterFS 3.3 Beta – Unified File and Object Storage

On July 20th we announced and delivered the first beta of  GlusterFS 3.3, which featured unified file and object storage. I am excited to give you an update on how things are going with the beta and how we see our customers deploying this innovative file and object storage technology.

At a glance – use cases for GlusterFS 3.3:

  • Can eliminate the need for gateway devices bridging the data center to the cloud.
  • Back up email for Exchange environments
  • Global storage for photo processing and archiving
  • Easier onramp to cloud storage
  • On-premise, S3-like object storage for private cloud

Both our public beta testing and testing at select enterprise customer sites continues on schedule, and unique deployments of this innovative technology are being crafted which leverage the unified file and object storage capability. There is still space available in the private beta and if you are interested in participating then email us at glusterfs3.3beta@gluster.com.

Email Backups On-premise and in the Cloud

I want to share with you some of the ways in which our unified file and object storage can be used. One way is for email back-up and archive. Exchange environments can back up to a GlusterFS NAS target and then move the backup files out as objects to S3 – in many cases this is eliminating the need for gateway devices bridging the data center to the cloud.

Data Processing and Archiving – Photos

Another example is digital photo processing, editing and archiving where photos are stored in files as well as objects simultaneously within GlusterFS. The uniqueness of GlusterFS is that the object can be accessed from any application that accesses objects for other business purposes, from any cloud. In some cases this includes other photo processing applications (editing items such as photo attributes and color corrections). This is an example where Gluster provides file and object storage as well as an object archive.

Easier Onramp to Public Cloud Storage

Also, we see customers who have deployed our NAS in the cloud via Amazon Web Services, or GoGrid, developing creative solutions that export objects from the data center to the cloud via HTTP (lower protocol overhead as compared to NFS and CIFS) and directly into GlusterFS unified file and object in the cloud. By moving information quickly, and having it immediately available for processing, customers save both time and money and will improve their overall operational efficiency. For some customers this means faster time to-market for their products and for others it means faster report generation and speedier, more well informed business decisions. We’re pleased to be able to further accelerate our customers’ ability to move to the cloud.

On-premise S3-like Object Storage

Additionally, for those customers who have been looking for an on-premise, cost effective, object storage system, they now have the best of both worlds – highly available, high performance, unified file and object storage deployable in a cost effective manner. On-premise customers can now deploy an S3-like private cloud storage capability on commodity hardware.

Contact us to learn more about leveraging unified file and object storage in your environment.

All the best,

Tom Trainer

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