A Crucial Piece of the Hadoop Ecosystem: Scale-out Storage

By now you may have heard our announcement that GlusterFS 3.3 will be able to serve as a scale-out data store for Apache Hadoop. This is one area where a solution has been sorely needed, and we’re happy to provide one. Here’s the relevant piece from the press release:

Compatible with existing MapReduce-based applications and with the ability to co-exist with HDFS, this new functionality opens up data within Hadoop deployments to any file- or object-based application, providing a broad new range of options for big data deployments.

Some of the benefits for Hadoop users include:

  • Fast access to data – with no centralized metadata or name server, GlusterFS delivers better performance and easier manageability, with no centralized point of failure;
  • N-way replication – synchronous and asynchronous replication enables users to replicate data, changes are tracked and queued to ensure data stays synchronized regardless of latency or potential network interruptions;
  • High-availability – GlusterFS includes built-in failover, self-healing and no single point of failure;
  • Increased flexibility in sizing – with Gluster, Hadoop deployments are no longer limited to large block sizes or 16 TB volume sizes;
  • POSIX-compliant NAS (NFS, CIFS) and object access to files within Hadoop deployments – with Gluster, big data deployments can now enable operating systems to directly mount the storage, making it much easier to get data into and out of the system;
  • Easy access – to both file and object storage which simplifies management and controls storage costs; and,
  • Open source – available under a GPLv3 open source license.

Want to learn more?

Gluster will host a meetup on the topic of GlusterFS 3.3 at Gluster HQ in Sunnyvale on August 30, beginning at 6:00 pm PDT. Topics will include storage for Hadoop, as well as Unified File and Object storage.

We will also host a webinar, “What’s new in GlusterFS 3.3” on Tuesday, August 30 at 2 p.m. ET. To register for the event visit https://www3.gotomeeting.com/register/155968278 – this is a good way to interact with Gluster experts and learn more about our recent announcements.

The Hadoop GlusterFS 3.3 beta 2 is available now. To participate in the public beta simply visit our 3.3 beta resource page: http://bit.ly/nUtssL. To sign up as an official beta site, contact glusterfs3.3beta@gluster.com or info@gluster.com.

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