HOWTO: GlusterFS + ZFS on Linux

Continuing with the theme of unearthing useful tidbits on the internet, I came across a post from Giovanni Toraldo about using GlusterFS with ZFS on Debian/Ubuntu Linux. Why would someone want to do this? With OpenSolaris’ future essentially over, ZFS’s future is on Linux, and there has been significant headway on the ZFS on Linux project. Disk filesystems like ZFS go hand-in-hand with GlusterFS, because they each bring different features to the table. See last week’s post on [intlink id=”4807″ type=”post”]building a failover SAN with deduplication[/intlink].


  1. Thanks for the link – I had heard a bit about SmartOS, but not very much. Frankly, we don’t much care what OS you’re using. Because GlusterFS is user space scale-out storage, it would work just as well in an illumos/SmartOS environment.

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