An Ode to !VMworld

As I watch, from afar, all of the social media activity around VMworld, I’m reminded of those buzzword-compliant resumes we used to contemplate back in the days when online job boards first became popular. Several of us would lament that our resumes wouldn’t get picked up by recruiters because they weren’t “buzzword-compliant” – ie. didn’t have the keywords “Java”, “Oracle” or “OOP” (I’m probably dating myself there), and recruiters didn’t seem to understand that there were more useful technologies than the 2 or 3 they searched for. The solution we came up with was to create the !buzzword resume. To wit, “I may not know JAVA, but I’m pretty handy with Perl/C++/shell scripts/<insert non-Java language here>.” Or, “I wouldn’t know OOP from soup, but I can write programs that get things done.” This way, even if our resumes were still ultimately trashed, at least we knew they would be seen by humans.

And with that, I turn my attention to the !VMworld blog post, as in, we are not at VMworld, but we have some great software to help sysadmins and developers deal with their storage pain points. You won’t find us at VMworld, but if you’re building a cloud internally, you’ll want to check out our distributed storage and global namespace capabilities. And finally, !VMworld, but GlusterFS 3.3 will include unified file and object storage (PDF) for S3 and Swift fans, as well as Hadoop map/reduce compatibility.

Oh, and one other thing – our community isn’t at VMworld either, but they’re kicking butt and taking names (not to mention downloading GlusterFS with abandon).

So to all those at !VMworld this week, we wish you a good day!

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