Announcing the Gluster Community Contest

Jjulian proudly displaying his prize for all-around community awesomeness

Have you ever wished you could get paid for all your hours spent on our forums, mailing lists and IRC channel? Keep dreaming! Well, unless we hire you, that is (seriously). But when it comes to rewarding our community members, we’re going to open up the swag doors, our checkbook, and our web site to thank those who give so much to the GlusterFS community. Pictured is Joe Julian, whose contributions to the GlusterFS community are priceless. If you’ve ever been greeted by glusterbot in #gluster, that is Joe’s handiwork. Joe is usually first on the scene whenever people come into the IRC channel and ask questions. He’s pictured here with his brand new Motorola Xoom that we sent to him for being so awesome to our community.

Frankly, we haven’t done enough in this area, so we’re going to remedy that. One thing we started today is the Gluster community contest. We created a points system and will reward those with the highest number of points at the end of every calendar quarter. We’re also creating points “levels” and will award prizes to whoever reaches those levels. For now, we have one level: everyone who reaches the 10 point threshold will receive a free Gluster T-shirt. As we get more participation, we’ll create more points levels – and more prizes that we’ll award for each.

And whoever does something extraordinary or awesome will get a special reward, no matter how many points you have. That’s just the way we roll at Gluster.

You can take a look at the contest particulars on All updates will be posted there, including a leader board, that we will also post in other conspicuous areas throughout and

How Points are Awarded

  • 1 point for each question asked on community forums
  • 1 point for each answer provided on community forums
  • 2 points for each “up” vote your answers, questions or posts receive
    • 1 point for every answer, question or post you vote up
  • 5 points for each HOWTO you post on community forums
  • 15 points for each qualified bug you submit to
    • must be evaluated by QA and engineering and certified as an actual bug
  • 30 points for each contributed patch
    • Must be evaluated and accepted in the primary GlusterFS code tree

Prizes galore!

At the end of each quarter, the three participants with the highest number of points will win fabulous prizes and, more importantly, the undying appreciation and envy of their peers.

1st Prize: a geek gift, TBD + $100 Amazon gift certificate, and a full profile on the blog

2nd Prize: $50 Amazon gift certificate + a mention on the blog

3rd Prize: $50 Amazon gift certificate + a mention on the blog

4th Prize: something cool (TBD) – because someone in the community always does something that deserves recognition, even if they don’t get enough points.

Suggestions for gifts are welcome – add yours in the comments below. As mentioned, everyone who gets 10 points gets a shirt!

  1. We need to introduce a new category for points which lies somewhere between bug filing and patch submitting – testing precommitted patches. This is one aspect where community members add great value by exposing code patches to their ‘hostile’ environments and make sure they are of good quality before we merge it into git. Of note in this category are the recent testers of the granular locks patch and various other replicate enhancements. This can be tracked by those who vote +1 for the ‘verified’ field in Gerrit. I propose that ‘verified’ vote earns 10 points (which in combination with filing the bug gives 25 points, appropriately valued close to a code submission). This also gives motivation for bug filers to take on patch verification and thus the logical process to completion.

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