Datamation Article on Cloud Storage + CIC Case Study

Over at Datamation, Jeff Vance has written an informative guide for prospective cloud storage customers with a list of questions they should be asking. I was pleased to find that one of the questions is “Are files and backups persistently (and quickly) available?” with quotes from CIC‘s Nhan Nguyen, Chief Scientist and CTO. Here are the relevant bits:

CIC needed a solution that would meet these goals and satisfy customer SLAs. After some research, they decided to deploy Gluster’s File System (GlusterFS), which complemented their existing cloud technology infrastructure.

Using GlusterFS, CIC was able to pool, aggregate, and virtualize their existing Amazon Web Services Elastic Block Storage (EBS). By utilizing both synchronous and asynchronous replication, files are retrieved quickly–even surpassing customer expectations.

You should read the entire article – there are many good points to consider, especially with respect to scaling for future storage needs. That’s something we strongly advise our customers to plan for.

After you read the article, check out the case study we did with CIC, in which you’ll find more detail about their storage environment and usage of Gluster.

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