A Message from the Founders

Dear friends and family of Gluster:

We’ve had a most exciting development: one that is great for customers, community members and everyone else associated with Gluster and…Red Hat.

Yes, Red Hat. Read on for more.

As we thought about how to relay this message, our thoughts drifted back to the road we’ve traveled in building this organization and community. In the very beginning, way back in 2006, we were working on cluster management software. Along the way, we discovered that there were no reliable, solutions for distributed storage that scaled to the level we needed. Back then, we knew next to nothing about file systems and storage. But instead of hindering our work, it was exactly this fresh approach, along with a willingness to disregard what we were “supposed to do”, that allowed us to create an amazing piece of software, GlusterFS. It was this creativity that took us down the path of user space, instead of kernel space. It was this creativity that fueled our ability to create something truly groundbreaking in the storage industry: the first truly scale-out, POSIX-compliant, distributed storage system, and it was software only. It was this creativity that led us to another industry milestone: the industry’s first truly unified (or as we like to call it, simultaneous) file and object storage system. And it is this creativity that will lead us to becoming the software standard upon which all future storage systems will be built.

A funny thing happened along the way to building this company. You see, when you create things that nobody else has done, others begin to take notice.

Sometimes they’re friendly, and sometimes they’re… not so friendly. We have had our share of both. But there is one company that has been a great friend from the very beginning. One company whose values and vision of what technology should be match ours. One company that has set the standard for building an open source software business. That company is, of course, Red Hat. As of today, we’re very pleased to tell you that Red Hat has decided to bring us into their fold. Together, we will continue with our shared vision of bringing open source storage to the enterprise and ensuring that no customer will ever again be held hostage by their storage vendor.

The same creativity that powered our growth up to this point will now be backed by the largest and most successful open source company in the world. One that shares our vision and supports our goal of becoming the industry standard for storage. One could say that Gluster has accomplished many great things in our time, but look out – you haven’t seen anything yet. This is a tremendous development for our community, our customers, our partners and our employees, and we are excited about the future.

Today, Gluster and Red Hat are one: one vision, one company, open source.

Happy hacking,

AB & Hitesh

  1. Congratulations on the link up with Red Hat and as a Red Hatter, welcome to the family. I am indeed heartened to see technology that changes how corporations consume and use technology and all of these being built and delivered via open source methodologies.

    Looking forward to meeting you and your team.

    Harish Pillay
    Red Hat APAC

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