From ‘The Red Hat of Storage’ to ‘The Storage of Red Hat’

Whenever people ask me what Gluster does, I usually answer, “We are trying to be the Red Hat of Storage.” In other words, we are trying to open up one of the last bastions of proprietary and monolithic architectures in IT, by providing a terrific set of open source tools that work with commodity hardware, driving value back into the hands of the operators.

Today, I am pleased to say, “We are now the Storage of Red Hat.” Today, both companies announced that they had signed a definitive agreement for Gluster to be acquired and become part of Red Hat. (See press release for details)

This is a tremendous day for all of us here at Gluster.

Of course, it’s a great day for the founders, investors, and Gluster team who have been part of building Gluster over the past 6 years.

More importantly, it’s a great day for our customers, partners, and community. Being acquired by Red Hat will enable us to invest more in development, more in QA, more in support, and above all, more in our community,. Furthermore, we’ll be able to offer more integrated solutions. We’ll be able to put to rest any concerns that people may have about a small company like Gluster either continuing to stay in the market or continuing to stay in the market as an open source company.

So, to all of our customers, community members, team members, partners, and investors—a hearty thank you. I couldn’t imagine a better group of people with whom to build a company and community with.

And, thank you to all of our colleagues at Red Hat. I couldn’t imagine a better company than Red Hat with whom to take our company and community to the next level.

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