Welcome to Red Hat Storage!

Beginning today, you will have noticed some changes with Gluster.com, beginning with the domain name Gluster.com. As you may have already noticed, we now redirect Gluster.com to the newly created Red Hat Storage web site – assuming all the DNS changes have propagated. There you will find everything you need to get started with the Red Hat Storage Software Appliance. Oh! did I mention we also released the first Red Hat Storage product?

The newly re-organized documentation now lives within Red Hat’s documentation for all product families.

And, of course, this blog now redirects from gluster.com/blog/ to redhatstorage.redhat.com.

One more thing that will change is the URL of the bug tracker. The migration is currently in process, but upon completion, bugs.gluster.com will redirect to Red Hat’s bugzilla page.

If you’re looking for Gluster.org, that site will remain as is. Look for a new wiki, documentation and more coming to the community site very soon.

Our goal is to bring new content and features to our greater community of customers, users and developers as seamlessly as possible. If you experience difficulty locating something, post a comment below, and someone will respond as quickly as possible.

  1. Will you still release Gluster ver 3.3 stable? or is it going to be wrapped under redhat storage appliance and remain closed source?

    My team is holding off from adopting gluster just because we are not sure about the future existance of its open source and FREE version. Thank you!

  2. Hi there,

    Yes, we are going to release Beta 3 of GlusterFS 3.3 on or around December 20. And no, GlusterFS will never be closed source.

    I’m not sure why you doubted that GlusterFS will remain free and open source, but I’ll happily dispel that fear. Keep watching Gluster.org for roadmaps and other announcements.

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