Red Hat Storage Modern Data Protection Tour Trivia Contest

We’re giving away 3 registrations to our upcoming Modern Data Protection Tour  to be held on December 4th, 2013, in Boston.  The contest is open to Boston and Greater Boston area residents (official rules below) who can answer the following trivia question via Twitter. Simply tweet your answer at us (@RedHatStorage) or, if you already follow us, direct message your answer to qualify.

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Blog Article: One Petabyte Red Hat Storage and GlusterFS Project Overview

Tech enthusiast and consultant John Read designed and implemented a one petabyte Red Hat Storage Server / GlusterFS environment on HP proliant hardware. There were a number of business requirements he wanted to meet with this implementation, including very low acquisition costs, RHEL clients, archival of data from a high-performance compute environment, usage of commodity hardware, and 10GB/s Ethernet. In this post, he describes the design, hardware configurations, rack and network layout, volume layout, and high availability configurations. You can get all the details about his deployment in his blog post.

The Importance and Improvements in Red Hat Storage’s Geo-Replication

by Veda Shankar, Product Marketing @ Red Hat

Red Hat Storage (RHS) is delivering a different approach to the storage requirements of today’s data center: Open, software-defined storage (SDS). This approach differs from the traditional, hardware-centric data storage model, which limits a business’s flexibility by tying it to proprietary vendor solutions. With Red Hat’s storage offering, RHS, the design focuses on solving storage challenges with software at a petabyte scale.

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IDC Study in Enterprise Hadoop Deployments


IDC Study Finds Customers Use More Than Hadoop to Holistically Analyze Data

IDC has taken a look at the ways businesses are using Hadoop in conjunction with traditional analytics to draw insight out of their data. The IDC White Paper, sponsored by Red Hat, entitled “Trends in Enterprise Hadoop Deployments” (October 2013) takes a look at what percentage of businesses have existing Hadoop deployments, immediate plans to deploy, and long-term plans to deploy. The white paper also investigated the ways in which businesses use Hadoop to analyze big data. What becomes clear is that businesses use Hadoop in a variety of ways and in concert with other platforms. The outcome of this is that some enterprises are looking to alternative persistent storage systems that go beyond HDFS. Red Hat Storage offers GlusterFS as an alternative to HDFS and ranks with IBM’s Global File system (GPFS), and EMC Isilon OneFS as the top offerings, thanks to its strong reputation for being robust, scale-out and open source.

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Red Hat – Mountain View Gives Back to the Community

by Brian Chang, Global Brand Manager


Each year, we at Red Hat celebrate our brand, culture and people. Called: “We Are Red Hat Week,” we take time to honour our achievements and accomplishments of helping Red Hat to grow from a Linux-only company to one that offers a full suite of software products.

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