Data Availability across Public, Private Clouds and Traditional Datacenters

Enterprise IT infrastructure is diverging. because of the growing business needs associated with cloud deployments using OpenStack, traditional virtualized datacenters, and various public clouds. Because of this, data availability across these platforms is becoming a growing challenge for IT architects and administrators. Essential to addressing this challenge is to build upon an open and highly scalable storage platform.

In this video, you will learn how a distributed, scale-out storage platform (such as GlusterFS) can be used for data availability across clouds built with OpenStack, public clouds (such as AWS), and traditional datacenters. You will also better understand the business and technical data availability challenges and will be presented with solution architectures and use cases.


OpenStack Storage Solutions: Selecting the right solution for your environment

You have many choices as you architect and implement your OpenStack infrastructure and storage is a critical and foundational element of it. In this session, you’ll learn more about those options and receive criteria for evaluating them for your unique OpenStack environment.

Watch this video to learn about how Red Hat Storage Server and Red Hat Enterprise Linux OpenStack Platform work together. The integrated solution offers the innovation of the OpenStack and GlusterFS community projects, while also providing the security, stability, and enterprise-readiness of a platform built on Red Hat Enterprise Linux.