Exciting news: Red Hat is to acquire Inktank, provider of Ceph

We made some news today about our intent to acquire Inktank. It’s pretty exciting news – it means Red Hat Storage, already an attractive offering (if we do say so ourselves!), is going to benefit from the world-class object and block storage capabilities of Inktank Ceph Enterprise. By combining GlusterFS’ file and object capabilities with Inktank’s block and object capabilities, we’re going to enable users and developers to innovate with some of the best open source storage software in the market, all while creating a very competitive alternative to traditional proprietary storage systems from companies like EMC.

A little more about Ceph

Inktank hit the scene with Ceph back in 2012. Ceph is a scalable, open source, software-defined storage system that runs on commodity hardware. It was developed by Inktank’s founder and chief technology officer, Sage Weil, as a replacement for legacy storage systems, and provides a unified solution for cloud computing environments. Ceph has been helping its customers scale their storage to the Exabyte level and beyond.

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Chatting up John Dickinson from SwiftStack

We caught up with John during the DevNation Hackathon at Red Hat Summit 2014. He was proud of his new status as a member of Gluster’s board and we wanted to hear all about it — and about everything else he’s been up to.

Who are you?

I’m John Dickinson, Director of Technology for SwiftStack, an object storage software company, and I’m the Project Technical Lead for the OpenStack Object Storage project, code-named Swift. I also recently appointed to join the Gluster community board.

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A Q&A with Red Hat’s Scott Clinton

We’ll have a number of Q&As coming your way in the days and weeks to come. Here’s one to kick things off — it’s with Red Hat’s Scott Clinton. Scott is senior director of product management & marketing for Storage and Big Data.

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Red Hat Summit 2014, Day Three Recap

Did you catch our summaries of day one and day two? Check ’em out if you haven’t!


The last day of Summit was far more mellow than the previous two days since the partner pavilion had shut down and many people had gone home. Those who remained stayed for the labs, sessions, and networking opportunities. So this post will touch upon some of that — but we’ll also recap some miscellany from the show we didn’t show you earlier.

So with that, off to…

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Red Hat Summit 2014, Day Two Recap

Have you seen our coverage of Red Hat Summit 2014 day one? It’s just a click away.

First thing’s first

Like most people, the team at Red Hat Storage started the day with breakfast. A breakfast hosted by our GM/VP Ranga Rangachari:

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Red Hat Summit 2014, Day One Recap

The day: April 15. The place: San Francisco’s Moscone Center (south). We were on the scene providing live coverage of the keynotes, panels, and the partner pavilion. The day began like any other…with a series of epic keynotes:

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Red Hat Summit 2014, day zero recap

Although April 14 was the first day of the full Red Hat Summit, the event really kicked off April 13 with a reception in the partner pavilion (think expo hall) with…

2014-04-14 17.49.01

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Summit Spotlight: Don’t Miss These Storage Tracks and Sessions

Summit Spotlight: Don’t Miss These Storage Tracks and Sessions

Red Hat Summit kicks off this year from April 14-17th in San Francisco, CA. We’ve organized more than 150 breakout sessions, each with a unique solution-focus, but attendees of all experience levels will see a variety of products, demos, customer success stories, and more.

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