Whiteboarded: How Red Hat delivers on Big Data

In the below explainer video, Red Hat’s Irshad Raihan explains how Red Hat can connect businesses to big data and help drive results. Check it out below but, if you want a taste of what to expect, read on!

Trends and buckets

Irshad points out three key trends he’s seeing in enterprise IT: Big data, cloud, and open source. These trends are technologies that Red Hat offers leading tools for.

Irshad goes on to explain that big data comes in two buckets; infrastructure, which must be reliable, secure, and scalable to support big data workloads; and a data & analytics layer, which is where data is ingested, enriched, and processed.

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Follow the money: What’s 2015 looking like for IT?


In our latest Storage Hangout — seen in the video, below — Brian and Irshad talk about how 2015 is shaping up for IT budgets, but keep reading to get a sneak preview of what they’ll be talking about.

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Six sides to a conversation: Top chats we had in 2014 with TheCUBE

Before we say our final farewell to 2014, we want to take a moment to look back and invite you join us with a look at five memorable videos, all from TheCUBE at the Red Hat Summit 2014.

First up, Red Hat president and chief executive officer, Jim Whitehurst, discusses key industry topics ranging from open source technologies to big data, providing an overview of how Red Hat is leading the way through innovations designed to meet enterprise challenges.

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For Red Hat, it’s 1994 all over again

In 1994, and, in fact, throughout the late 1990s and into the early 2000s, there was a pronounced shift as we saw the industry move away from proprietary hardware and software and toward industry-standard servers with Linux running on top. Today, we see the same shift in trends. Only, today, this shift centers around Big Data.

Come listen to the talk given by Ranga Rangachari, VP/GM Red Hat Storage at Strata + Hadoop World. Gain key observations on Big Data. Learn how the Red Hat product portfolio can help you capitalize on the full scope of your Big Data. And understand how Red Hat partners with the key vendors in the space to multiply your options, giving you the tools you need to benefit from your Big Data.

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Big Data Update with Steve Watt, Chief Architect


Q: Intro: Steve Watt Red Hat Chief Architect, Hadoop and Big Data

A: Background with HP and IBM. Always been on cutting edge. When I came to Red Hat I thought, “What does Red Hat have to do with Big Data, and why do they want me to join?” Now I know there’s a ton of big data stuff happening. Very cool projects.

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Machine data growth and retention got you beat? Red Hat Storage has your back!

by Irshad Raihan, Red Hat Big Data Product Manager

Machine data is by far the fastest growing component of Big Data and the Internet of Things. Everyday more and more devices are spewing out logs by the second that can be analyzed for patterns and anomalies. Machine data tends to be more credible and rich in insights when compared to human data (think social sentiment).

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Can Big Data Save the Environment by Making Your Company More Eco-Friendly?

In the second part of our discussion with Sandeep Khaneja of Function1, we focus on specific vertical markets where he is seeing major opportunities for Big Data. Sandeep see’s significant progress in the area of energy management and energy consumption. As enterprise organizations look to save building facility costs such as lighting, cooling and heating, big data modules help to monitor and analyze massive data sets in a effort to conserve energy being consumed.

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Can a Hybrid Storage Solution Find a Needle in Your Big Data Haystack?

A scalable storage solution for Big Data is becoming more and more critical to IT. As enterprise companies experience larger data set growth, the need to mine the data becomes increasingly of greater importance. Is a hybrid cold storage solution really able to find a needle in an cavernous data haystack?

Tune in to this week’s Storage Hangout with our guest, Sandeep Khaneja, as he talks about the latest at Function1 and Splunk. Hear his take on the Splunk scalable hybrid storage use case customer scenarios for massive data sets. The interview is the first of two episodes with Sandeep.

To learn more about Function1, go here.

Big Data makes IT matter

by Irshad Raihan

About ten years ago Nick Carr wrote a famous article for the Harvard Business Review where he made a strong argument for why Information Technology (IT) doesn’t matter. The core of his hypothesis was that the commoditization of IT – just like with any mainstream technology across human history – made IT invisible in the long run, and therefore not matter from a strategic standpoint.

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GlusterFS Update

Catch up with Dave McAllister, Gluster Community Lead to find out the latest on the GlusterFS 3.4 and 3.5 releases and how it impacts the Gluster FS 3.6 release. Additionally, hear Dave talk about the GlusterFS future features including Bit Rot detection. And also hear his 2015 community plans and future releases.

To learn more about the Gluster community, go here.

Questions and Answers, part three: Workloads

Welcome to the final installment of our three-part series of Q&A’s resulting from the launching of Red Hat Storage Server 3. In this part, we’ll be looking at workloads.



What kind of growth in big data do you feel we will see over the next five years?

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Questions and Answers, part two: Red Hat Storage Server 3

Please note: Red Hat Storage Server has a new name: Red Hat Gluster Storage. Learn more about it, and Red Hat Ceph Storage, here: http://red.ht/1Hw7gYb

Welcome to part two of our series on Q&A’s from the recent launch of Red Hat Storage Server 3 (RHSS3). Our first post in this series covered how RHSS3 compared to competitors. Now we’ll cover the product itself.

Facebook 1

Can you help me understand the pricing mechanics for Storage Server 3  and if this has changed given the enhancements for more workloads and more hardware platform support?

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