About Us

The IT environment is changing rapidly with explosive growth of unstructured data, increased virtualization of the data center, and the movement of infrastructure to the cloud. Storage needs to catch up with other areas of the data center and accelerate, rather than inhibit, adaptation in this new reality.

Gluster believes that storage not only must support the new computing environment (virtualized, multi-tenant, scale-on demand) but will inevitably end up looking more like it (open source, scale out, commoditized, and paid-for on a utility basis).

Gluster is storage for the modern data center, providing scale-out NAS for cloud and virtual machine environments. We believe storage should be treated as a software problem that leverages standard commodity hardware in the same way that compute is treated today. Hundreds of enterprises worldwide use our software-only platform to aggregate storage resources (either on-premise or in the cloud) into a unified high-performance, standardized, virtualized and centrally managed pool. Deployed as a virtual appliance, Gluster is extremely easy to customize, install, manage and support. Data is managed in virtual volumes within a global namespace and can grow, shrink, migrate, and scale on-demand with no interruption to applications. Building a configuration of a few hundred terabytes can be accomplished in less than 30 minutes. Gluster customers are using us to manage systems ranging in size from a few terabytes to multiple petabytes, and from two to over 200 nodes.

The heart of Gluster is GlusterFS, an open source distributed filesystem distinguished by multiple architectural differences, including a modular, stackable design and a unique, no-metadata server architecture. Eliminating the metadata server provides better performance, improved linear scalability, and increased reliability. As the primary authors and sole sponsors of the Gluster project, Gluster is committed to supporting both its commercial customers and a thriving 2000+ developer community. For more on the Gluster community, please see

Commercial Customers include over 100 enterprises across the world in industries such as media, consumer web, health care, scientific, energy and government. For a complete list of customers, please see [intlink id=”57″ type=”page”][/intlink].

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