Gluster for AWS

The Gluster Virtual Storage Appliance for Amazon Web Services (AWS) is

The Fastest Path to Highly Available Cloud Storage

How to Get Started:

1.Sign-up for a Trial

This 7-day trial entitles you to free Amazon compute and storage resources including m1.large instance types and Elastic Block Storage*. The trial period will last for seven (7) days only. An extension of the trial period must be pre-approved by Gluster.

2.We’ll Contact You

A Gluster representative will contact you by phone or email within one business day to get your trial up and running.

3.Get Started Now

To sign up for the free trial please click the button below.

Key Benefits:

  • Aggregate Multiple EBS Volumes
  • Shared Access to Storage Pool
  • No Need to Rewrite Applications
  • Guaranteed Data Availability

*A Gluster representative will contact you to start your trial. Once you have successfully completed your trial Gluster will issue a $100 AWS Credit Coupon. We estimate that the $100 credit will fully pay for a two node Gluster cluster for seven days. AWS credits are subject to additional terms and conditions. You must have an AWS account to redeem your AWS credits. Once your AWS credits are consumed, any additional use of AWS services will be billed to your AWS account. You must redeem your AWS credit in the same billing month as you set up your Gluster cluster in order for the credit to apply to that use. Trials are limited to one AWS Credit Coupon per AWS account.