Video: How to Install Gluster Storage Platform

This 3-minute “how-to” video walks you through the Gluster Storage Platform installation process. For demonstration purposes we’ll show you how to install and configure a two-node storage cluster.

For more information visit our product page, or access the main documentation.

Partners HealthCare Systems centralizes storage and lowers cost with Gluster

Boston-based Partners is a non-profit health care system and teaching affiliate of Harvard Medical School. Brent Richter, Partners’ corporate manager for enterprise research infrastructure and services, needed a central storage repository for data generated by about 40 research teams across several hospitals in the Partners system. The data would have to be secure and kept separately. Using Gluster and Sun Microsystems X4500 servers (Thumper), Partners build a centralized storage pool that has scaled to over 300TB. Read the full article at SearchStorage: Healthcare system rolls it’s own data storage ‘cloud’ for researchers.

Project Fondue Builds a Redundant Static Asset Cluster Using Gluster

Project Fondue is a team of experienced web developers who are passionate about making the web a better place for all.  Check out their latest blog post and take a look at what software they used to build and set-up a redundant static cluster and how Gluster was used to cleanly share assets between servers.

Q&A with Enterprise Systems Journal on Storage Challenges

More data means more storage — and more headaches. Jack discusses enterprise storage challenges with James Powell of Enterprise Systems Journal. We look at today’s storage challenges, the impact of open source storage solutions and server virtualization, and the storage trends to watch this year. Click here for the article: Enterprise Systems Journal

Tony Asaro Blogs: "Gluster – The Red Hat of Storage?"

Tony Asaro from Contemplating IT blogs about Gluster including a Q&A with Jack and Kamal from the Gluster team.

“Gluster is a startup that is providing an open source file system. The most important thing to me about Gluster and why it matters is their go-to-market strategy. They basically have the Red Hat model giving the software away for free and charging for support. Assuming that the software is as good as they say it is – this model could be landscape changing.”

Read the full post on Tony’s Blog

Gluster Storage Platform Featured Press

We’ve already received some favorable press about the platform release.

Network World, 12/8/09
“Gluster extends file system into Storage Platform, VM failover”

Virtual Strategy Magazine, 12/8/09
“Storage on a Stick” podcast interview with Jack O’Brien, Senior Director of Marketing at Gluster

TMCnet, 12/8/09
“Gluster Storage Platform launches”

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Gluster Introduces Gluster Storage Platform

New integrated software platform enables deployment of petabyte-scale clustered storage on industry standard hardware in just a few mouse clicks

MILPITAS, CA – December 8, 2009 – Gluster, a leading provider of scalable open source storage solutions, today announced the general availability of Gluster Storage Platform. By integrating the GlusterFS file system with an operating system layer and improved management user interface, Gluster provides a complete storage software platform that simplifies the task of deploying petabyte-scale storage to two installation steps and a few mouse clicks. The new platform addresses the complexity of managing “big data,” the demanding scalability requirements of modern applications, and the accelerating growth of virtual server deployments.

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Website and Community Improvements

You have probably noticed we relaunched the Gluster website last month, changing the look and feel, navigation, and a substantial amount of the content. We also formally changed the name of the company to Gluster from Z Research and created a new logo (the ant didn’t disappear for good – more on that shortly).

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Gluster Storage Platform Beta Program

Gluster is evolving from a standalone file system to a complete storage OS. Gluster Platform integrates GlusterFS with an operating system layer, management GUI, and installer. You can start with two bare servers and provision a few hundred terabytes of clustered storage in less than 30 minutes. The core file system is also being upgraded and enhanced with new features. The beta release is scheduled for Tuesday November 3rd. If you would like to formally participate in the beta program please email us at

Gluster Announces Immediate Availability of GlusterFS Version 2

New architecture and feature enhancements deliver superior simplicity and flexibility for the management of unstructured file data in enterprise environments

MILPITAS, CA – May 13, 2009 – Gluster today announced the release of GlusterFS Version 2, bringing unprecedented flexibility and value to enterprises facing the challenges of the unstructured file data explosion. Enterprises have deployed GlusterFS in industries such as Healthcare, Energy, Biotech, and Digital Media to cost effectively address their growing data management needs.

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