Gluster Public and Private Cloud Storage

Scale-out Storage for Public and Private Cloud Environments

Cloud Storage

Gluster is a software-only, highly available, scalable, centrally managed storage pool for public and private cloud environments. Gluster supports your move to public, private and hybrid cloud environments with a wide range of automation integration with file and object storage.
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Highly Available

Gluster delivers enterprise class high availability via local and remote replication capabilities. Gluster is the only highly available storage solution for Amazon Web Services (AWS) Elastic Compute Cloud (EC2) and Elastic Block Storage (EBS) and GoGrid’s Cloud Hosting environment. Gluster enables Business Continuity in the public cloud and enhances both Business Continuity and Disaster Recovery capabilities in the private cloud.

Superior Economics

With Gluster superior economics is the rule, not the exception. In both public and private cloud environments you pay only for what you use. In the private cloud you are empowered to choose and deploy on any certified commodity hardware. Only pay for performance and capacity as and when it is needed. Visit our product pages for Public and Private Clouds to learn more about Gluster’s superior economics.

Easy to Use

Gluster deploys in minutes in both the public and private cloud and is simple to configure and put into production. Performance and capacity scale linearly and non-disruptively.


Gluster believes you should be able to deploy and manage storage the same way you do compute resources today. Storage must be a scalable, commoditized, virtualized and centrally managed pool. Gluster bridges the gap between virtual computing and legacy proprietary monolithic storage enabling true datacenter virtualization.

Open Source

Gluster continues to develop our core open source product GlusterFS and continues to bring value and support to the open source community of thousands of members worldwide. Today Gluster has tens of thousands of downloads and is running in industries and environments such as technology, banking and finances, energy, medical and life sciences, media and communications, internet radio, government and education.