An Introduction to Gluster Architecture White Paper

An Introduction to Gluster Architecture White Paper

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In the Whitepaper:

Gluster is a file-based scale-out NAS platform that is open source and software only. It allows enterprises to combine large numbers of commodity storage and compute resources into a high performance, virtualized and centrally managed pool. Both capacity and performance can scale independently on demand, from a few terabytes to multiple petabytes, using both on-premise commodity hardware and public cloud storage infrastructure. By combining commodity economics with a scale-out approach, customers can achieve radically better price and performance, in an easy-to-manage solution that can be configured for the most demanding workloads.

This document discusses some of the unique technical aspects of the Gluster architecture, discussing those aspects of the system that are designed to provide linear scale-out of both performance and capacity without sacrificing resiliency. Particular attention is paid to the Gluster Elastic Hashing Algorithm.