Virtual Machines

Gluster Virtual Storage Appliance

For Private Cloud Virtual Machines

Gluster Virtual Storage Appliance is the perfect solution for customers looking to create a highly virtualized storage pool in their on-premise or private cloud environment.

The Gluster Virtual Storage Appliance packages GlusterFS in a virtual machine container optimized for ease of use with little to no configuration required. The Virtual Appliance seamlessly integrates with existing hypervisors including Redhat KVM, VMware ESX, and Citrix Xen, allowing you to deploy virtual storage the same way you deploy virtual machines. These appliances are deployed on premise in a private cloud on any certified host server hardware platforms and their certified storage: JBOD, DAS, or SAN.

As with all Gluster solutions, the Gluster Virtual Storage Appliance enables enterprises to scale-on demand to petabytes of capacity and GB/s of throughput, with both high availability and exceptional, commodity economics.

Synchronous n-way file replication (to assure data availability across campus or within a metropolitan area) and Asynchronous Geo-Replication (to assure data availability across wide geographical areas.) For most use cases, Gluster plus commodity hardware delivers 25-300% better performance than comparable proprietary solutions at ½ to 1/3 the total costs. The solution supports both.

By deploying Gluster as a Virtual Appliance, customers gain mutiple  advantages, including: exceptionally easy deployment and upgrade as well as the ability to incorporate legacy hardware into the storage pool and simplify archictures. Additionally, customers can run multiple virtual machines concrrently with the Gluster Virtual Appliance.

Benefits of the Virtual Storage Appliance:

  • Seamless integration with popular hypervisors
  • High availability via local and remote data replication
  • Provision storage in minutes
  • No changes to applications or management tools
  • Scale performance and capacity independently
  • Easily incorporate legacy storage hardware into your pool*
  • Option to run applications on the same physical hardware as the storage server nodes—drastically simplifying architectures

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