Public Cloud

Public Cloud

Gluster believes Public Cloud Storage can be every bit as scalable, performant, and highly available as on-premise storage. By a) enabling cloud compute and storage resources to be combined into a virtualized, high performance, centrally managed pool, b) providing a POSIX compliant distributed file system, and c) seamlessly integrating with the Amazon Web Services (AWS) and GoGrid environments, Gluster enables customers to combine the flexibility and economics of the public cloud with the solidity and compatibility of on-premise storage.

At the core of Gluster technology for public cloud storage is GlusterFS, a distributed file system built for high availability, high performance, scale-out architectures. Gluster is deployable as:

  • An Amazon Machine Image (AMI)
  • A RightScale ServerTemplate
  • A GoGrid Gluster Server Image (GSI)


Gluster public cloud solutions enable customers to both aggregate the power of large numbers of EC2 and EBS resources within AWS instances as well as GoGrid infrastructure server images and mitigate performance variations of cloud resources. Gluster is rapidly becoming the standard for high availability and performance in the public cloud. Being POSIX compliant means that Gluster customers do not have to rewrite their applications in order to rapidly move files to and throughout the public cloud. In less than one hour Gluster customers are able to scale storage capacity to petabytes, move information at GBs/second and assure data availability across cloud zones and regions by replicating data across multiple geographically dispersed cloud datacenters.

Benefits of Gluster

  • High availability via local and remote data replication
  • Linear performance and capacity scaling
  • Deploy in minutes
  • Shared cloud storage
  • POSIX compliant = no application rewrite

Gluster assures data availability in the public cloud via LAN and WAN based Synchronous N-way file replication for local availability requirements and via Asynchronous Geo-Replication for file based replication across geographical regions. Our scale-out network attached storage (NAS) file system for the cloud leverages our unified global namespace capability and enables you to scale capacity from a few terabytes to multiple petabytes and access information from a single mount point. Non-disruptively adding more storage node instances in the public cloud provides linear performance scaling.

Gluster offers the following Virtual Storage Appliances for the Public Cloud

The Virtual Storage Appliance for Amazon Web Services packages GlusterFS as an Amazon Machine Image (AMI) allowing you to provision high availability, shared storage in Amazon Elastic Compute Cloud (EC2) environments. Scale out your storage on-demand to accommodate changing workloads, and pay for storage resources only when you need them.

Learn more about Gluster Virtual Storage Appliance for Amazon Web Services.



The Virtual Storage Appliance for RightScale simplifies deployment, management and monitoring of Gluster’s scale-out storage technology on the RightScale Cloud Management Platform. Deploying in minutes, customers manage data growth in a single global namespace in the cloud environment. RightScale customers use Gluster to extend the scalability and cost-effective benefits of the RightScale Management Dashboard to their highly available cloud storage solution. Both N-way replication and Geo-Replication are fully supported in the RightScale ServerTemplate. RightScale customers pay only for what they require, with no downtime or service interruption.

Learn more about Gluster Virtual Storage Appliance for RightScale.


The Gluster Server Image (GSI) for GoGrid packages GlusterFS within the GoGrid cloud hosting infrastructure allowing you to provision high availability, shared storage in the GoGrid environment. Scale out your storage on-demand to accommodate changing workloads, and pay for storage resources in the GoGrid cloud only when you need them.

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