Amazon Web Services

Gluster Virtual Storage Appliance

For Amazon Web Services Public Cloud

Gluster is the only way to assure highly available and performant file storage in the Amazon Web Services environment.

Gluster allows you to aggregate both Elastic Block Storage (EBS) and Elastic Cloud Computing (EC2) instances within the Amazon Web Services environments, creating a highly available virtualized storage pool that can scale on demand to GB/s of throughput and petabytes of capacity.

Gluster features both Synchronous and Asynchronous N-way file replication to assure data availability across AWS Availability Zones. Synchronous Replication provides redundancy and protection within a single datacenter or multiple datacenters/availability zones in a region. Asynchronous Geo-Replication assures data availability across AWS Regions. These features allow users to replicate data between multiple datacenters located in different geographic regions.

The Gluster AMI can be deployed in minutes, providing one of the fastest ways to create an on-demand, performant, petascale storage environment. Each Gluster AMI pools multiple EBS storage elements together eliminating capacity limitations of a single device and smoothing performance variations across the pool. With Gluster Virtual Storage Appliances, Amazon EC2 customers experience superior high availability, high performance and utility prices.
Furthermore, Gluster is POSIX-compliant, thus eliminating the need to rewrite applications when moving data to the cloud, as is the case with cloud-based object storage.

Benefits of Gluster in AWS:

  • The only high availability storage solution for AWS
  • Linearly scale performance and capacity
  • Predictable performance in mixed workload environments
  • Unified global namespace within the cloud
  • Multi-tenancy and shared storage pool
  • POSIX compliant – no application modifications required

Gluster AMI is tailor-made for the AWS public cloud environment. Users of Amazon EC2 and the Gluster AMI can non-disruptively scale-out performance, capacity and availability on-demand.

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