Gluster Virtual Storage Appliance

For RightScale

Gluster is the only way to assure highly-available and performant file storage in the Amazon Web Services (AWS) environment.

The Gluster Virtual Storage Appliance for RightScale packages the GlusterFS scale-out NAS file system in a RightScale ServerTemplate, enabling high availability, performant, easily-managed shared storage in the AWS environment. The Gluster RightScale Template allows enterprises to aggregate both Elastic Block Storage (EBS) and Elastic Cloud Computing (EC2) instances within AWS, creating a highly-available virtualized storage pool that can scale on-demand to GB/s of throughput and petabytes of capacity—without requiring any application rewrite.

Gluster Virtual Storage Appliances pool multiple EBS storage elements together, eliminating capacity limitations of a single device and smoothing out small performance variations across the pool. With the combined Gluster/RightScale solution, customers get performance and availability equivalent to on-premise storage with the flexibility of the cloud and the ability to pay as they grow.

Gluster features Synchronous N-way file replication to assure data availability across AWS Availability Zones. Synchronous Replication provides redundancy and protection within a single Availability Zone in a Region. Asynchronous Geo-Replication assures data availability across AWS Regions. This feature allows users to replicate data between multiple datacenters located in different geographic regions. With Gluster Virtual Storage Appliances and RightScale cloud management, customers experience superior high availability and high performance.

Benefits of Gluster in RightScale:

  • Dashboard-style cloud resource management
  • Only high availability (HA) storage solution for EBS
  • Assured data availability via replication across Availability Zones and Regions
  • Works with S3 for snapshots
  • Aggregate multiple EBS blocks into a single storage pool
  • Shared access to EBS storage pool for many clients
  • High performance scale-out storage – utility-based pricing

The RightScale Cloud Management Platform simplifies the deployment, management and monitoring of Gluster’s scale-out storage technology. Gluster Virtual Storage Appliances deploy in minutes and customers manage data growth in a single global namespace in a cloud environment. Customers can use Gluster to extend the scalability and cost-effective benefits of the RightScale Management Dashboard to their highly available cloud storage solution. By adding storage on an as-needed basis, RightScale customers can dramatically reduce costs, only paying for what they require, with no downtime or service interruption.

Access the Gluster ServerTemplate at RightScale.com

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