Amazon Web Services

Gluster Virtual Storage Appliance

For Amazon Web Services

The Gluster Virtual Storage Appliance for Amazon Web Services, (or Amazon Machine Image – AMI) can be deployed in minutes in Amazon EC2 instances. With the Amazon environment data is stored on Elastic Block Storage (EBS). Each Gluster AMI pools multiple EBS storage elements together eliminating capacity limitations of a single device and smoothing out small performance variations across the pool. With Gluster Virtual Storage Appliances, Amazon EC2 customers experience high performance with utility prices.

The Gluster AMI is the only highly available virtual storage solution for Amazon EC2 instances.  Users with high availability requirements can rely upon the Gluster file replication capability to provide N-way replication to assure data availability.

Benefits of Gluster in AWS:

  • Combine many EBS devices into a large capacity pool
  • Shared storage for multiple application clients
  • Only high availability solution for AWS
  • Smooth performance variations
  • No changes to application code required

Gluster AMI is tailor made for the cloud environment.  It is POSIX compliant, runs in user space, and does not require applications to be rewritten.  Users of Amazon EC2 and the Gluster AMI can scale-out capacity and performance on-demand.