Gluster Virtual Storage Appliance for Amazon Web Services (AWS)

The Gluster Virtual Storage Appliance for AWS packages GlusterFS as an Amazon Machine Image (AMI) allowing you to provision high availability, shared storage on-demand to accommodate changing workloads and pay for storage resources only when you need it.

Key Benefits:

With the Gluster Virtual Storage Appliance for AWS, Amazon EC2 customers experience a number of added benefits including:

  • Ability to aggregate multiple Amazon EBS blocks into a single pool of storage
  • Shared access to the EBS storage pool for many clients
  • A high availability (HA) storage solution for EBS
  • High performance scale-out storage with utility-based pricing
  • Guaranteed data availability from working across availability zones and with S3 for snapshots

Getting Started

To sign-up for a free trial or to purchase a subscription of the Gluster AMI, you will need the following information:

  • Amazon EC2 12-digit account number. If you don’t have an Amazon EC2 Account number or can’t remember your Amazon EC2 account number, click here.
  • To become a member of Amazon Web Services, you will be asked to provide a credit card against which you will be charged for all fixed and variable charges associated with accessing resources on Amazon EC2. If you are using the Gluster Standard or Platinum subscription, you will be charged by Amazon for only the virtual machine (EC2 instance) time and not Gluster.

For Access to the Gluster AMI:

  1. Sign up for a free trial or purchase a monthly or annual subscription.  See all Amazon product offerings here.
  2. Choose Support. Gluster offers Standard and Platinum support subscriptions.  Choose the support option that best suits your operational requirements.
  3. After registration or purchase, Gluster will confirm your enrollment and provide private access for your AWS account to the official Gluster AMIs in the EC2 cloud.