On-Premise NAS

On-Premise NAS

As businesses struggle with explosive growth in unstructured data, new innovations that enable business information technology to more effectively store and manage data have proven to be a vital part of the infrastructure.  Server virtualization is one innovation that has proven immensely valuable and has enabled enterprises to consolidate physical server resources and realize better overall data center economics.  Another innovation that has enabled more efficient and effective storage and management of data is on-premise, scale-out NAS.

On-premise, scale-out NAS has enabled more efficient economics by allowing the data center to transition away from costly, difficult-to-manage monolithic storage area network (SAN)-based storage implementations.  Our open source solution, GlusterFS, delivers proven file-based, high performance, easy-to-manage, multi-tenant support and economical scale-out storage on top of commodity hardware.  The GlusterFS approach drives down costs by orders of magnitude and can be deployed in the cloud and virtual machine (VM) environments as required when on-premise requirements include a cloud storage component. GlusterFS allows you to scale on-demand and deploy storage where and when it’s needed.

Another important capability delivered by the Gluster approach to on-premise NAS is Data Archiving. Data archival is a growing problem for many organizations. The large production of static data requiring long-term storage, due to regulatory or organizational requirements, is overwhelming to legacy storage systems. As older data sources are being digitized, there is an explosion of unstructured content.

Traditional archival methods, with off-site tape-based storage, provide limited help for legal requirements that files be instantly accessible or available within a very limited time window. Proprietary systems create vendor lock-in and pose major scalability problems in petabyte-sized environments.

GlusterFS scale-out file system simplifies the storage of unstructured data. By running open-source software on standard hardware, GlusterFS provides a simple, cost-effective method for storing digital files. Data security and reliability, unlimited scalability, and fast performance make GlusterFS an ideal data archive storage solution.

Gluster addresses the main storage challenges inherent in data archival by:

  • Allowing for easy, unlimited scalability.
  • Ensuring data security and availability.
  • Providing a cost-effective model for storage needs.
  • Eliminating vendor lock-in.
  • Managing multiple file types and sizes.