What Can a Paper Shredder Teach Us About Big Data?

by Irshad Raihan, Red Hat Storage – Big Data Product Marketing

The trusty paper shredder in my home office died last week. I’m in the market for a new one. Years ago, when I purchased “Shreddy” (of course, it had a name) after a brief conversation with a random store clerk, choices were few and information scarce. In fact, paper shredders weren’t really considered standard personal office equipment as they are today. Most good shredders were built for offices not homes. Back in the market more than a decade later, it’s clear that the search for a new shredder is going to be trickier than I had imagined.

A paper shredder is a lot like big data.

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Linux, Gluster and the FRANKENSTEIN MONSTER!!!

I_Frankenstein_Poster(WARNING: Video contains graphic, horrific fight sequences, which contain violence and gore; parental guidance suggested)

What do open source software solutions like the Linux operating system and the Gluster distributed file system have in common w/ the Frankenstein Monster? Don’t know?!? Arrrgghhh!!!

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The Data Life Cycle Has Changed. Are You Ready?

by Irshad Raihan, Red Hat Storage – Big Data Product Marketing

Digital data has been around for centuries in one form or the other. Commercial tabulating machines have been available since the late 1800’s when they were used for accounting, inventory and population census. Why then do we label today as the Big Data age? What dramatically changed in the last 10-15 years that has the entire IT industry chomping at the bit?

More data? Certainly. But that’s only the tip of the iceberg. There are two big drivers that have contributed to the classic V’s (Volume, Variety, Velocity) of Big Data. The first is the commoditization of computing hardware – servers, storage, sensors, cell phones – basically anything that runs on silicon. The second is the explosion in the number of data authors – both machines and humans.

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Red Hat at 2014 Hadoop Summit this week (June 3-5)

The Big Data community is converging on San Jose, CA this week (June 3-5) for 2014 Hadoop Summit. If you plan to attend, please be sure to stop by the Red Hat booth (#G18) to learn more about Red Hat’s Big Data solution. More details are available here: http://www.redhat.com/about/news/archive/2014/6/red-hat-at-hadoop-summit-san-Jose-gaining-bigger-advantage-from-all-enterprise-data%5B/

And to sign up for 2014 Hadoop Summit, register here: http://hadoopsummit.org/san-jose/

See you at the conference!

Manageability Becoming A Key Component of Open, Software Defined Storage (Red Hat Storage Console Now Available!)

By Steve Bohac, Red Hat Storage Product and Solution Marketing

Open software-defined storage is transforming the way organizations tackle their data management challenges. We are seeing that more and more customers are realizing that an open software-based approach can create opportunities to significantly reduce costs and efficiently contend with their exploding data landscape. Additionally, open software-defined storage solutions can help discover new roles and value for enterprise storage.

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Red Hat’s Approach with Open, Software Defined Storage (A Four Part Series)

Part 3: Red Hat Storage Server Delivers on the Promise

By Steve Bohac, Red Hat Storage Product Marketing

Several weeks ago, we posted the blog “Open Software Defined Storage – Don’t Get Fooled By The False ‘Open’ and Get Locked-In Again”. Coincident with that blog, the IT analyst firm Gartner placed ‘Software Defined Anything’ in its list for Top IT Trends for 2014. With this proclamation, as well as recent discussions in the storage market about software-defined storage, we wanted to spend some time to discuss the graphic shown in our original blog and what Red Hat’s approach is to this important and growing market trend and why we believe that a truly open approach will ultimately win the day.

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The Importance and Improvements in Red Hat Storage’s Geo-Replication

by Veda Shankar, Product Marketing @ Red Hat

Red Hat Storage (RHS) is delivering a different approach to the storage requirements of today’s data center: Open, software-defined storage (SDS). This approach differs from the traditional, hardware-centric data storage model, which limits a business’s flexibility by tying it to proprietary vendor solutions. With Red Hat’s storage offering, RHS, the design focuses on solving storage challenges with software at a petabyte scale.

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Red Hat Modern Data Protection Webinar and Road Tour

Want to learn more about Data Protection?

This winter, the Red Hat Storage team is preparing to host a Modern Data Protection Webinar series. This series of three eSeminars will cover a variety of topics related to open, software-defined storage and the rapid transformation of the storage market. Learn how to optimize your data management and protection strategies across on-premise, cloud, and hybrid cloud environments.

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Why Thomas Jefferson could predict the next big thing in storage

In 1814, Thomas Jefferson donated the contents of his vast personal library of books and correspondence to form the foundation of the Library of Congress. Some 200 years later, that library is one of the largest in the world. Yet, the text of all of its contents could fit on a stack of DVDs that would reach to the top of a two-story building.


Clouds Cannot Be Contained In A Box

A big part of the value proposition of cloud is to ensure that you have continuous access to your data, and that you’ve moved beyond the physical limitations of a single box or a single data center or a single geography. While the move to the cloud can allow greater leverage of compute servers and storage, it also provides the ability to move away from aging, monolithic storage and servers, and gives cloud customers access to their data irrespective of any technical issues that may be going on and irrespective of their physical location. Cloud is supposed to be always on, with resources available on-demand, 24×7. However, how do you deliver all of this with a cloud that’s been imprisoned in a box? Clouds cannot be contained in a box.

Time for Cloud Expo West

Going to Cloud Expo?

Visit Red Hat in booth #408 to see demos, talk to experts, and find out how we can be your partner in the cloud.

Also, the Red Hat Storage / Gluster folks are in booth #317 to show how to effectively scale-out your storage systems for the cloud. To celebrate Red Hat’s cloudiness, we’re also hosting a meetup:

Join us at the Red Hat Cloud Meet-up

Want to hear about our major open source cloud projects all in one location? Feeling a little thirsty? Come meet our cloud computing experts and hear all about our cloud initiatives:

  • The Fedora project – open source community distribution
  • OpenShift PaaS – our developer on-ramp to the cloud
  • Aeolus/DeltaCloud cloud management suite – hybrid cloud resource management on EC2, Rackspace, Azure and many more
  • oVirt virtualization management – management automation of your virtualized KVM environments
  • GlusterFS storage system – a scale-out storage solution for the cloud

The cloud begins with open source and Red Hat enables your move to the cloud.

When: Wednesday, November 9, 7:30 – 9pm

Where: Winchester/Stevens Creek room

Why: Come for the talks, stay for the drinks!

Cloud Expo Conference Sessions

If you’re attending any conference sessions, we have a stable of speakers presenting this year. Here’s what’s coming up:

Ben Golub – Red Hat
Track 5 Wrap-Up: The Future of Cloud Storage
Track: Cloud Storage Virtualization APIs

Vijay Sarathy – Red Hat
General Session | Unlock the Value of the Cloud
Cut Through the Cloud Clutter

David Blado – Red Hat
Deploying Apps to RedHat’s OpenShift: Get Your Code in the Cloud and Your PaaS Over Here!
Track: Hot Topics 2

Storage is a hard problem with a soft(ware) solution

My wife and I are both dog people, but we have mixed views regarding another contentious issue: hardware versus software.

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